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Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Yuppie Psycho Unlock All Achievements. This guide will help you unlock every achievement. It will give you the basic steps you need in order to track down those hard to find achievements. This guide is a work-in-progress.

While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to Unlock All Achievements

  1. Deal with the Devil: Signed the contract with Sintracorp.
    • A contract will be on the 10th floor desk. It must be signed in order to progress the storyline. Achievement Unlocked.
  2. Photocopied Soul. Saved your game with the photocopier.
    • It’s a mandatory achievement to progress the storyline. You will be forced to save soon after meeting Mr. Hugo. Achievement Unlocked.
  3. Welcome to Sintracorp. Accessed Sintranet.
    • Mandatory. Gain access to your ID card and use old computer near photocopy machine. Achievement Unlocked.
  4. The Hammer of Witches Got Hexenhammer.
    • Mandatory. Go to the library. Do the puzzles. Unlock the library proper. Take book from mummy. Achievement Unlocked
  5. Family Plot. Got the photo of the Sintra family.
    • Mandatory. Use paper voodoo figure on employee you need to chase down. Coax employee to wall mouth. Achievement Unlocked.
  6. Employee of the Month Cleared the poisonous air and talked to Dumont.
    • Mandatory. Beat the Dot Matrix boss, turn the red valve, make your way to the elevator and complete the cutscene. Achievement Unlocked.
  7. The Key Got the key to the graveyard.
    • Mandatory. Enter R.Corvo’s version of Sintranet via card. Get touched by the snake Sintra to reveal elevator code. Find hidden floor. Enter room. Get key. Achievement Unlocked.
  8. She Found the Witch.
    • Mandatory. This achievement happens during Mr. Hugo’s birthday party. After helping set-up the party. Achievement Unlocked.
  9. Back to Work Went back to your office after the party.
    • Mandatory. Basically the description says it all. The boss battle and sequences before it can be tough though. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Head of the Company Rebuilt the robot.
    • Mandatory. Need get devil suit from canteen, go floor nine, use suit in front of museum door, figure out museum puzzle. Take head to floor 3 back room. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Break the Curse Woke up Domori.
    • Mandatory. You need the bells you unearthed from Rei’s coffin. Climb on the back of the snake and up the ledge. Ring the bells. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Sweet Child o’ Mine Used Sintra’s swing.
    • Optional. After visiting the Sintranet a couple times you will find Sintra using a swing. Interact with it. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Motivational Meeting Passed Colonel Dumont’s test without making any mistakes.
    • During motivational meeting. Choose these options in this order (Some are similar so pay close attention):
    • 1.I’m the lowest of the low!
    • 2.I’m garbage!
    • 3.The best!
    • 4.The best of the best!
    • 5.With my work!
    • 6.With my blood!
  1. Junkman Gave Doshi what he was looking for.
    • Optional. Missed if at birthday party. I believe there are 2 parts you can give Doshi. They are called Robotic parts. Open the box within the crows nest. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Crow’s Nest Found R.C.’s lair.
    • Optional. Missed if at birthday party. Use poison gas contract or close gas valve after Dot Matrix fight to reach this area. Floor 4 elevator. Keep going left. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Ink Thirst Used an ink cartridge on the Dot Matrix.
    • Optional. Missed after Dot Matrix fight. Need ink cartridge. When Dot Matrix grabs you use an ink cartridge from your inventory. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Shortcut Placed three boxes in Office E.
    • Optional. Missed if you have >2 at birthday party. Place the boxes at the vent in office E on floor 5. Achievement Unlocked. You can find them here:
  • Cardboard Box 1: Library. Near blood spider drawing.
  • Cardboard Box 2: Can be purchased from Mappy on floor 5.
  • Cardboard Box 3: Within the Dot Matrix Arena area. Middle, far right.
  • Cardboard Box 4: After party floor 5 near altar.
  1. Cat’s out of the Bag Fed Sosa’s cats.
    • This is an optional achievement. Will be missable if you are at the birthday party and do not have at least 2 cardboard boxes. You can unlock this achievement pretty early. When you ask Mr. Hugo about your ID card he will enter the boss’s room. Search his desk for the cat food. If you miss that opportunity, you can search Mr. Hugo’s desk any time he isn’t there. After getting the cat food take it to the media rooms hallway. Usually the 3rd door will be blocked but if you have the cat food you can enter. There will be cats and food bowls. USE the cat food close to the bowls. Achievement Unlocked. (You can’t get under the desk where there is a cracked wall until you learn the hide function from Kate)

19. Promotion Passed the Initiation test on the second floor.

  • Optional. Missed if at birthday party. Floor 2. Talk to Mr. Chapman if given option say you will do promote test. When you see the boxheads cross diagonally, avoid them. If they cross horizontally sprint up next to them and press the action button. If successful you will see a heart above their head. Do this 5 times before timer runs out. Achievement Unlocked.


  1. Vapor Pool Talked to Sintra in Sintranet’s pool.
    • Optional. VERY EASY TO MISS. Best course of action would be to visit Sintra as much as possible after completing each task. Each time make sure you exhaust all dialog, email, information options.
  • 1st visit: After obtaining ID card.
  • 2nd visit: After completely filling out the library form.
  • 3rd visit: After obtaining the Hexenhammer book.
  • 4th visit: After the motivational meeting.
  • 5th visit: After recovering photo of the Sintra family.
  • 6th visit: After checking the cemetery gate for the first time.

At this point, the area to the Sintra pool should be open. Do not delay getting back to the Sintranet or YOU WILL LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY. Enter. Achievement Unlocked.

  1. Corrupt Found the secret area in the Sintranet library.
    • Optional. Directly related to Vapor Pool. After unlocking the pool go to the bottom right and take the cocktail. Use cocktail on blank canvas in Sintra library and enter room. Achievement Unlocked.

22. Blessed Apparition Met A.M.

  • Optional achievement. Missable. Before entering the Sintra family moseleum you need to light all altars. After opening Rei’s coffin A.M. will appear. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Floor 1. Cafeteria, far left side. You will need the screwdriver to fix it and an offering of 5 credits.
  2. Floor 2. Bottom left doorway (Residences) leads to a hall with boarded up doors. Give 5 credit offering to altar between door IV and III
  3. Floor 5. Bottom right near restroom. Needs a 5 credit offering.

23. Voice Listened to the “Voice” cassette.

  • Optional. IMPOSSIBLE TO UNLOCK? You can find the cassette in a box near the large hole that Dot Matrix will fall down with you into the toxic pool. There is one cubical that needs to reset at the very beginning of the maze otherwise you will not be able to regain access to that map. I’ll post image later. Achievement NOT Unlocked.
  1. Mr.  Devil Used the Witch paper with the mirror.
    • Optional. Achievable up until end game sequence. This is one of the most interesting achievements in my eyes. If you have an extra soul photocopy paper use it on the floor 5 restroom mirror. Your soul now belongs to the Devil and you can’t undo it. Achievement Unlocked SUCKER!
  1. Athame Stole the dagger from Hugo’s hands.
    • Optional. Only available after party and before end game sequence. This achievement can be tricky so be sure to save right before. You will need 2 batteries. Climb the stairs to the 10th floor. Make sure the knife is on the CEO desk but don’t get too close. If it isn’t on the desk put the batteries in the remote and quickly hide under a table.
    • This will jumpstart Mr. Hugo’s into his moving sequence where he starts bouncing around his desk. When he starts ‘quacking/ribbiting’ quickly turn the TV on again. Hide under the long table on the right. Crawl to the top and wait for him to pass. Run to the knife, grab it and run under the left table keep moving down as fast as you can with the sprint button held. If you are lucky you should make it out before he has a chance to block your exit. If not.. good luck trying to predict his movements. Exit via the emergency exit. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Witch’s Son Sacrificed all your senses.
    • Optional. During underwater end game sequence. Saving before entering water is advisable. You need to find 5 white snakes and let them bite you. An easy way to achieve this is by moving around the bottom right side of the cubicle, a snake should appear. After getting bit and losing 1 sense go into the elevator and out. This should reset the spawn point. continue doing that. Be sure to choose eyes as last sense to lose.. I mean unless you are a real sadist and love torturing yourself. Be warned, you can not save a certain ‘friend’ if you do this achievement. Achievement Unlocked.
  1. Be Kind, Rewind Got the Videoclub Misterio VIP card.
    • Optional. Difficult achievement. You have to watch the first nine videos in the library media center. Be sure to save Ms. Sosa and pick up video 10 from the underwater section. At the very end talk to Ms. Sosa in the lobby. Achievement Unlocked.

This is where you can find each video:

  1. Chrysalis – In-library archives (mine-riddled room). In the far right lower corner, search the knocked over TV stand with VHS tapes spilling out.
  2. From the Drain – Floor 5. Restroom, 2nd stall after man vacates the area. Search the toilet.
  3. Follow a cat through the woods – Floor 8. In woods behind man left of elevator. Search the container.
  4. Blood Trail – Floor 4. Main Hub. Crawl under the divider right above the Ⓐ Search the 2nd locker.
  5. The Weary Human Face – Floor 4. Near Dot Matrix Boss. Crawl under dividers To find two file cabinets. Search the left file cabinet.
  6. Apparition (Appearance) – Floor 8. Behind tombstone, right of Sintra family mausoleum.
  7. Fired – After Party. Floor 5. Search the briefcase near Office C.
  8. Office Party – After Party. Floor 9. Exhibit. I’m not sure what triggers it ( Either try looking at all paintings except the Red Lady OR try placing the blank canvas in its spot then look at the Right, Right, Left painting next to where the Red Lady appears each time.) but sometimes a briefcase can be found where the Dot Matrix exhibit was after talking to Mr. Spader. Search the briefcase.
  9. Fileto – After Party. Floor 3. Back Office. Search the machines left of Rei Sintra robot.
  10. Mom & Dad – Underwater segment. Have a spare pencil available. Might need an underwater certificate. Go to the bottom right corner of the underwater passage. Look and destroy a solitary mine near a briefcase. Search the briefcase.
  1. Work Friends Saved all your friends from the Witch’s hands.
    Optional. Begins after birthday party. *** Unfinishable if you don’t complete achievement 17) shortcut and / or you didn’t unscrew the vent grate near the ‘goblin’ ***. Use either Athame or plastic knife on the witch wrapped bodies. If you use the plastic knife you have to guess which friend you are saving. Cut and correctly guess all six free and beat the game. Achievement Unlocked

You can find your co-workers here:

  • Tony – Floor 2. Advancement Office. Don’t worry about the boxheads, they can’t hurt you.
  • Irene – Floor 5. Office D. At the end of the hallway with the hanging bodies.
  • Inay – Floor 5. Office E. Access the Sintranet using R. Corvo’s metallic card.
  • Jenna – Floor 8. Near river. Using floor 5’s restroom vent and head down to the river.
  • Marta – Floor 7. Far left door. Use the vent in Office E from the 5th floor.
  • Kate – During underwater office sequence. Find notes hidden around office and punch the code into the elevator keypad.
  • The elevator code: 🔔🔔🔔2468

Achievements (Endgame)

For endgame achievements: If you want to get all of the achievements (except 29) in one playthrough save at the photocopier in 3rd floors backroom right before you say yes to Sintra.

  1. Ending: I’m Better Off At Home Left the company without signing the contract.
    When you first go up to the tenth floor after interacting with the contract choose no and get back in the elevator. Go to the lobby and exit the building.
  2. Ending: Fired Left the company after Hugo fired you.
    After the birthday party go to the tenth floor and confront Hugo. He will give you your termination papers. Go down to the lobby and exit the building. 
  3.  Ending Back Home Left the company with Rei Sintra as the new CEO.
    After beating the game and spawning back at the lobby emergency staircase, talk to all the co-workers you saved. Afterward exit the building.
  4. Ending: Stay With Me Went to the rooftop with Kate. You need to save Kate during the underwater office sequence. After you beat the game you will spawn in the lobby. Talk to Kate and after she leaves via the emergency staircase, do the same.
  5. Ending: Cleaning Boy Found the truth of Hugo’s identity.
    After the birthday party. Either confront Mr. Hugo or do not enter the 10th floor. DO NOT TRY TO TAKE ATHAME (because bug?). After completing the game you will be treated to Mr. Hugo’s origin story.
  6. Ending: Super Hugo Discovered Hugo’s final fate.
    After the birthday party. Go up to the 10th floor and steal Athame (knife) from Mr. Hugo (for more info see achievement 25). After completing the game you are rewarded with a somewhat upsetting cinematic.

This is the ending of Yuppie Psycho Unlock All Achievements guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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