Yuppie Psycho Tips and Tricks

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Yuppie Psycho Tips and Tricks. This is a quick walkthrough and guide. It will give you the basic steps you need in order to track down those hard to play the game. This guide is a work-in-progress.

While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Let’s warn you about the guide. This is translated so there may be some incoherent statements. Sorry for this.

Yuppie Psycho Tips and Tricks

Before playing the game, go through the steam achievement, it will help

1. When having witch paper, use the photocopier, then you save the game. To activate(repair) a red-light photocopier, use the ink. IMHO, ink box is sufficient, just repair all the photocopiers you find.

2. tThe monster in library after you got the book teaching u identify the witch…run and avoid contact until it lay eggs(poison gas mine), then active the mine by pushing book trolley when it near the mine. After three successful, it will retreat.

3. tThe printer with four hands…first pick the box on right wall (be used later), then find Kate hiding in upper right cabinet, the printer would start to roaming. Pick the switch which WAS covered by it , find the three proper locations on which use the switch. The exit would show. Just run ! run till you fall on the pool

Then use the screwdriver on its dead body, move it to the ladder, use ink, prick the dead body (…

4. Have at least two boxes(or three if you search the map more carefully) before going to the rooftop, so that you can make a shortcut to AV room (where you can watch the weird videoclip)… you will find the third one laying the 5th floor later.
Notice: The 7th floor (and many other area )would not be accessable later, the only way is through ventilation system in your office! That’s why you have to prepare the boxes in advance.

5. Going to rooftop…where you can find the key to graveyard. After the green water drained, down to the bottom of the pool, pick R.Corve’s ID card, use it on your own PC, enter the fragile “matrix”, capture(talk) to the worm shaped virtual android… this may need some patience. She will told you ‘bell bell bell 5090’(at least my number are these). Exit the matrix, enter the lift, press the calling button three times then pres 5 0 9 0…now you are on the rooftop.

6. Before going to the rooftop, talk to the lady in office B on 5th floor, the one on the upper left cubicle. She will give you some sleep pills. When in the graveyard, use the pills on the spring, chase the owl until it stay on the spring and drinking water… then you get the red ruby to open the tomb gate

7. After the witch’s massacre, back to 1st floor to pick the demon dress, then you can be a wealthy and tasty person which means you are able to go into the show on 9th floor now 🙂

8. Art show in 9th floor, you are hinted ‘dare you see the lady in red’… yes I’m coward, so…first thing first is to bypass the front desk then go deeper till you find the black paint, hang it on third row (right part). Find the picture of that red lady on first row, but DO NOT view it! Instead, inspect the painting on her left or right, then the lady would sigh then move to another painting, repeat until she appear in the last painting on very deep in middle ….

9. Water illusion after being bite by white wireworm… you need to find 5 paper with hints, one contain three bell symbol, other four have a number each, then going into the lift to press down those button…bell bell bell, then 4 numbers (mine is 2 4 6 8). No need to collect all five papers.


This is the ending of Yuppie Psycho Tips and Tricks guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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