Yakuza Kiwami 2 Remove Letterbox Artworks Mod

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Remove Letterbox Artworks Mod

This small mod allows people with non 16:9 displays enjoy the game without distracting images on letterbox bars


Unlike Zero and Kiwami 1, file in Kiwami 2 that contains letterbox bars is too big to upload here, so you’ll have to use Xdelta patch here

  • Download this archive[drive.google.com];
  • Rename “ui.par” to “ui_backup.par
  • Run XdeltaUI.exe;
  • In “Patch” field select your desired version of this mod:
    • BlackBars.xdelta – will remove patterns from letterbox bars, making them plain black;
    • NoBars.xdelta – will remove bars completely, potentially revealing things that you weren’t supposed to see.
  • In “Source File” field select “ui_backup.par” file;
  • Press “…” near “Output File“, pick a “\Yakuza Kiwami 2\data” folder and write “ui.par” as a filename;
  • Press “Patch” button.

Note1: To open “.par”:

You need to use http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm this tool withaluigi.altervista.org/bms/parc.bms this script to unpack PAR, just like Kiwami\Zero. Alternatively – this tool https://github.com/gibbed/Gibbed.Yakuza0
Only db.par won’t unpack, it’s a new format

Note 2:  To insert edited files back use either gibbed’s tool to create archive from scratch, or thishttps://github.com/SlowpokeVG/PARC-Archive-Importer tool to import file in original archive.

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