Yakuza Kiwami 2 Advanced Golfing Guide

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This guide provides you to get at least 300 points in the Advanced Golfing Minigame and to finish the Albatross Akagi Substory related to the Advanced Golfing Stage

Advanced Golfing Guide

On Power: These are general estimates

On Angles: I start with Cursor position then ; (semi-colon) into talking directly about how the angle should be. I’m using very loose terms to describe this part, don’t get bogged down on trying to follow it 100%, just see what happens and adjust, make your own notes if you have to.

for ex. 2/3 to the right would be closer to the edge, further from the center
1/3 to the left is closer to the Center line than it is to the left edge.

|| = edge and ! = Center and – = 1/8th

||—–*—!—*—–|| -> this marks the 1/3 area roughly, where a lot of shots need to be in the range of, it’s fairly loose thankfully

One of Ten

power: roughly 93-95 (more than halfway lest you hit the cow)
angle: move the cursor ever so slightly to the right ; try to hit it dead on or 1/8-1/16 to the right
Notes: Not enough power and you hit the cow, hitting it dead on from the Start position is too far to the left (i know it doesn’t look like it but trust me) in fact it’s better to go a little over to the right on this one if in doubt.
should be one of the easiest Holes in One

Two of Ten

power: ~53 – 55
angle: Cursor straight on (or for hole in one, ever so slightly to the RIGHT) ; or put 1/8th to the Right.
Notes: This rolls heavily, so it’s better to put a slight RIGHT spin on it (maybe around 1/8 to the right)

Three of Ten

power: around 33
angle: Cursor at start position ; 1/3 to the right
Notes: It’s easy to put too much power on this, 33 is NOT half way between 25 and 50 btw, it’s just less. Also the challenge here is the angle, at approx. 1/2 to the right, you’ll barely clip the sign. Put it somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 and you should get the hole in one and it then relies on your power

Four of Ten

power: full blast 100
angle: Cursor stays in starting position ; about (maybe slightly more than) 1/2 to the LEFT (you want to hit the wall)
Notes: The easiest Hole in One opportunity out of all of them. Hitting the wall and bouncing off does something funny to the ball and results in easy Holes in One, just have to get the angle down since you don’t have to worry about the power

Five of Ten

power: about 95
angle: line it up half way between the far left corner of the room and the edge of Saturn ; farther than 1/2 to the right
Notes: the angle kind of changes on this one depending on the power, It’s so hard I almost always miss this but I have got to the red before just by following my own advice, so it works, it’s just hard to get right

Six of Ten

power: ever so slightly more than 50
angle: point to the middle of saturn ; hit dead center
Notes: This you’ll have to play with since I’ve never hole in one’d this before. I generally get 30 or 50 pts. You probably need to go further to the left on Saturn and put more of a Right angle to it.

Seven of Ten

power: about 65
angle: Cursor at start ; dead center
Notes: Power is everything here because straight on should net you a red or Hole in one. It’s just above halfway from what I can tell but its so easy to go over the sweet spot and hit too hard.

Eight of Ten

power: 76-79
angle: aim to the left of Saturn ; roughly 1/3 to the right.
Notes: I can almost never get this one right for some reason, despite knowing the above is good info. Good luck.

Nine of Ten

power: about 60
angle: aim towards middle of saturn ; 1/2 to the left
Notes: Very easy to get the power down for a hole in one, very hard to hit the sweet spot angle. Needs to be practically dead on half way to the left

Ten of Ten

power: ~60 (58-61)
angle: Cursor goes ALL the way to the left ; angle is about or slightly less than 2/3 (5/8ths about) to the Right.
Notes: Looks hard, but actually one of the easier Holes in One. Really easy to over power this. If you’re half way between 50 and 75, you’ve probably hit too hard.

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