XERA: Survival Where to Find Weapons

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Game Description

Artificial Intelligence was becoming more and more popular around the world in 2022. Because of the potential threat of AI becoming self-aware, the governments of the world had to work together to prevent the possible extinction of the human race, in doing so, they created the XERA: Survival Corporation.

The first artificial intelligent humanoid went online. Humanity couldn’t accept it, the world fell into war. Everything is chaos, its kill, or be killed. The government soon took over the XERA: Survival facility, and reprogrammed the humanoids to try to keep the citizens in control. Something went wrong, the updates were corrupted. They started to turn against the whole of humanity.

Note: This is a translation, so these can be a little different

Where to Find Weapons

The list of weapons in the game that be found until now.


AR-15 Cartridges: 223, shoots only single.

FN Scar Ammunition: 5.56, shoots single and automatic shooting modes.

G36 cartridges: 5.56, shoots single and automatic shooting modes.

Cartridges for these machines can be found everywhere, especially easy to find on the Military base, but there are a lot of robots on this. Caution! yellow robots after death or run up to you explode, while you will hear the characteristic squeaking. Also, cartridges and machine guns can be found in the air drops.

Submachine guns (PP)
UMp-9 Ammunition: 9mm, the rate of fire is high, and the damage is small, well suited for close range combat.

Mp-5 cartridges: 9mm, almost no recoil, bullets fly right on target, the rate of fire is average compared to the UMp-9, but the damage will be higher, suitable for fights at medium and short range.

You can find the software absolutely everywhere, in the trunk of a car, drop out of dead robots, spawn in homes and on boxes, as well as drop out in drops.


G-17 cartridges: 9 mm, it is Glock, there are two modes of shooting, single and three cartridges. For the kill you will need 3-4 shots, depending on the distance to the

Deser Eagle robot, the cartridges are .50, which is deagle, a powerful thing. Kills with 2 shots.

Melee weapons:

  • Bit
  • Scrap
  • Ax
  • Pipe

Melee weapons can be found absolutely everywhere. To kill the robot will require 3-4 hits

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