Wushu Chronicles All Schools and Sects

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“Wulin Chronicles” is a PC role-playing single-machine martial arts game developed by the Snail Game’s independent game team “JiangHu Studio”. Made with snail self-developed 3D engine Flexi. Players will be able to grow and explore as they wish in Da Ming Wulin.


Wushu Chronicles All Schools and Sects


This Shaolin, you can join this school the moment you finish starter town. You will mainly be using Staff skill at the start, and switch over to fist once you get Buddha Palm or Joined Finger etc. Upon becoming an elite you will get the outfit above along with Abbot staff that has 100+dmg. Personally, I feel you will need to join Shaolin since it is extremely easy have a good reputation with this school you will get mostly all their staff skill easily.


Wudang- Starter School that can join, Single Sword and Barefist, at the start you will mostly only get sword skill, three inner skill, the outfit above and Yin Yang Sword with 100+ dmg upon becoming an elite disciple. You get Yin Yang sword skill, Tai Chi fist Etc.


You can join Emei, you will get the outfit and a Sword with 100+ dmg once become an elite disciple. Currently I don’t have too many informations on Emei due to my reputations being quite bad.

Side Wudang(?)


This school is similar to Wudang it is not I currently don’t know what the name of this school, but should be somthing related to Daoist. In the other hand this school focus on BareFist, all the skill you get at the start are fist skill. Every school you get A weapon and Outfit upon becoming elite disciple, however, this school you get an extra inner i believe instead of a barefist weapon. Therefore, lvl up your blacksmith in order to carft yourself some powerfull barefist weapon.

Xu Family Manor

Another Sect you can join at the start, focus on barefist and you get poison inner cultivation. haven’t explore too much about this sect as well.


Focus on Sword skills, upon becoming elite disciple you will get the outfit above along with 100+ dmg sword.

Ancient Tomb Sect

Frozen Asgard, focus on sword skills, in the ice regions, upon becoming elite disciple you get the outfit above and a sword with 100+ dmg.

Weapons Valley

This is the first sect that I joined after leaving beggar, you can not join this sect until you have reach a higher lvl on your blacksmith skill, after joining you will get the outfit above, along with a sword dealing 100+ weapons. Furthermore, after joining you can explore all the blacksmith in the map to get special weapons resciple inorder to make all kind of weapons. My current strongest weapons that I crafted is a Blade with 200+dmg and bunch of effects added.


This is the ending of Wushu Chronicles All Schools and Sects guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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