WORLD OF HORROR Characters Guide

WORLD OF HORROR game guide focuses on Characters Guide. The guide will give you basic tips for Character UI and all characters in the game. We hope that this guide will help you.

Character UI

Once you’ve started the game you’ll have a lot more on your screen. On the right hand side here you’ll find the majority of the UI relating to your character. This is where a ton of the important information is and you’ll want too keep track of it easily.

The things over here are:

  1. The different modes for the side panel. From left to right these are
  • Items. This is where you’ll see your inventory, equipment and active ritual. You can only hold 4 items at a time, the rest will be sent to your storage.
  • Spells. Where your memorized spells are held and another place for your active ritual
  • Status. This is where any status effects you gain will be
  • Allies and Perks. Here you’ll find your stock of cigarettes, bullets, any allies you make and perks you obtain via leveling up.
  • Town Status. Here will be any negative effects added to the run at the end of an investigation.
  • You. This just has an alternate exp bar, time in the current run and the seed.
  • Old God. This will show the Old God present in your run, it’s unique penalty and another location for doom buildup
  • Options. Self explanatory.

2. Your character, their stats and the current doom level. All stats are used for skill checks and each has a secondary effect.

  • STA is stamina. This is effectively your health, if it hits 0 it’s game over. this along with reason is often a cost to cast spells
  • REA is reason. This is effectively your sanity and like health it’s all over when it drops. this along with stamina is often a cost to cast spells
  • STR is strength. Used for heavy weapons typically.
  • DEX is dexterity. Used for lighter weapons.
  • PER is perception. Useful for firearms.
  • KNW is knowledge and as far as I can tell is used for weapon needing precision.
  • CHR is charisma and I believe this affects allies.
  • FND is funds. This is your money used for buying items and treatment.
  • Doom is somewhat like another health and represents the Old God’s power, and once again if it hits 100% the game is over.

3. Your equipment and active ritual (Continuous spell) Slot A is reserved for weapons while B and C are for accessories

4. Your inventory

5. Your EXP and level. Once EXP hits 100 or higher you can click the EXP button to level up.

6. The 3 assignable item or spell shortcuts in case you need easy access.

Other than this you also have cards.

This is an item card

These typically have either a one time use effect or can be accessories. Though there are others which give effects just from being in your inventory or on being discarded. These use the far left set of buttons in the card UI with the exception of medical items which use the far right.

This is a weapon

Like Items these use the far left set of buttons however these are all equipped to slot A of your equipment. These augment your attacks in combat changing your damage, attack speed, hit chance and occasional bonus effects like this amazing carpenter hammer. As a side note it seems like the lower the speed the better.

And this is a spell

These usually cost either Stamina, Reason or both but can also cost doom. Spells use the set of buttons to the left of the medical ones and provide an instant effect with no time cost. There is utility spells for investigations and combat spells.

Not pictured here are allies which use the set between items and spells. These usually give you +1 to a stat but there are unique allies which provide different effects either while with you or upon dismissing them.


Kirie Saito


  • 5 STR
  • 7 DEX
  • 7 PER
  • 8 KNW
  • 6 CHR
  • Starts with a Random Spell

Kirie is technically the first character in the game, despite not being the one used for Extracurricular Activity. She’s supposed to be a spell focused character with her high knowledge, unique perks and the fact she starts with a random spell. I wouldn’t recommend messing around with spells as a beginner (except a certain combination) but if you are going to she’s the best for it.

Unique Perks


Aiko Takahashi


  • 7 STR
  • 8 DEX
  • 7 PER
  • 5 KNW
  • 6 CHR

Aiko, the second character, is by far the most basic character in the game, there’s a reason she’s the main character in Extracurricular Activity. As captain of the swim team she has solid physical stats and some amazing unique perks for combat letting her get tons of high damage hits off in a single round. I highly recommend her for beginners and for anybody trying to unlock generic achievements as she’s the most simple and easy to play.

Mizuki Hamasaki


  • 5 STR
  • 7 DEX
  • 7 PER
  • 6 KNW
  • 8 CHR
  • 4 FND

Kouji Tagawa


  • 7 STR
  • 5 DEX
  • 8 PER
  • 7 KNW
  • 6 CHR
  • 4 FND



  • 8 STR
  • 6 DEX
  • 7 PER
  • 5 KNW
  • 7 CHR
  • 4 FND

This is the ending of WORLD OF HORROR Characters Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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