Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Tips&Tricks for All Players


Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain some Tips and Tricks for All Players. According to many players, it’s hard to play and proceed. There are some tips to make progress in the game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Tips&Tricks for All Players

  1. If you buy material into the warehouse closer to borders, you will spare money for transport and you can transport it by yourself.
  2. You can use workers from villages, just move them into the new building with higher capacity and destroy their old house to clean place for your new building. Rebuild village into the town.
  3. If you build electric wires you can spare money for columns, just put them zigzag alongside the road and the distance between columns will be longer.
  4. Stone quarries, farms, oil rigs work even without workers and electricity, just buy appropriate machines into them.
  5. Always terraform and flatten terrain before you start to build a city or infrastructure. It helps you in the future with the positioning of buildings.
  6. If you have available excavator and bulldozer in the Construction office (should be used for construction) or in the Road vehicles depot (always available), you can terraform and flatten terrain for free. Use it especially from the start of the game to reduce initial costs.
  7. Plan your city and infrastructure, just unchecked both options to avoid buy construction for rubbles and dollars.
  8. Construction office helps a lot to reduce money for a building. Just use your own resources (gravel, asphalt, wooden planks…).
  9. Slow machines (crane, bulldozer, excavator) can be transported by Open hull truck in the Construction office. Check the truck’s weight capacity.
  10. It is wise to have more than one Construction offices. One (nearby Gravel processing factory and Cement factory) should be full of Dumpers and Cement mixer trucks, other could be specialised for construction (fill it with excavators, cranes, bulldozers and busses), other for transporting material in the Covered hull trucks.
  11. The crane reduces the number of workdays needed for building.
  12. You can reforest by yourself, just put trees around the Woodcutting post.
  13. People are resources, they do not pay taxes, but they are crucial to workflow as workers so take care of them and give them what they want.
  14. Buy experts from USSR to the building and assign them to the near school and hospital. Education is very important, you can educate a cheap immigrant from the third world.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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