Wolfpack – Sending Message by Radio

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Wolfpack – Sending Message by Radio

The Radio Room

This is an image of the radio room located forward of the main control room. To the left (front to back) is the Hydrophone and the Record player with a clock, rudder indicator, and RPM indicators above that. On the right is the Radio direction finder followed by the telegraph key and the enigma machine with the radio receiver and transmitter above that.

This is the Radio receiver and transmitter

It is very important not to change this unless all ships agree on a channel to use or unless told by another ship to switch to the other channel. The default is obviously 1.

Sending A Message.

This is an image of the telegraph key. It is used for sending messages via morse code on what channel is selected.

Sending a message is simple just type it out with your keyboard. However when you type in a letter (numbers and special characters don’t work) a little animation will play, Wait for the animation to finish or the character will not be sent. Note: the space bar does work just wait a second after hitting it and a space will show up in your message.

Message Formatting
Just sending a message without any formatting or stating who is sending it will cause confusion. This is where message formatting comes in. There are two types:

The General Broadcast
[Sender] [Message] [End]
(used for general broadcast such as: “UNS CONVOY SPOTTED BEARING THREE ONE ZERO END” this can also be used when you copy the message.)

The Direct Message
[Sender] [Recipient] [Message] [End]
(This only be used when directly messaging a ship and a typical Direct Message should follow as such: “UFFT TO UNS WHAT IS YOUR HEADING AND LOCATION END”

NOTE: DO NOT send a message while another u-boat is sending a message as the two will get entangled.

As a side note: When referring to a U-boat use the shortened form of names.

UNS = U-boat Nine Six
UFFT = U-boat Five Five Two
UTZS = U-boat Three Zero Seven
UFSF = U-boat Five Six Four

Reading Messages

This is a screenshot of the radio log that can be accessed by pressing the “C” key and clicking on the “RADIO LOG” tab at the top. This is where you will be able to read messages you have received, but be aware as someone is needed to be near the radio room for the message to appear in the log.


This is the ending of Wolfpack – Sending Message by Radio guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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