Wizard of Legend – General Guide

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Wizard of Legend – General Guide

This is not all guide but a general guide.


Keyboard & Mouse

Movement: W,A,S,D
Spells / Conjuros: Mousebuttons, Space / , Q, E, R.
Inventory: Tab.
Map: M.

Controller (Xbox360/XboxOne)

Movement: Left Stick
Spells : A, B, X, Y, LB, RB.
Inventory: LT
Map: L3 (pressing left stick)


Arcana are cards that have been traced with preset spells and imbued with a refined form of raw chaos that allow for quick and easy casting of spells.

Arcana in the dungeon

Directly manipulating chaos to produce spells is difficult and time-consuming, and involves intense focus and precise gestures, but allows more flexibility as to what the effect is.

Arcana have preset spells imbued into them, and wizards can instantly create their stored effects by simply channeling their magic through the card. Arcana are generally created with a specific element and spell effect in mind, and don’t allow much, if any, flexibility in their effect.

In the fast-paced and stressful environment of the chaos trials, free-casting is impossible, so competitors must rely on the Arcana that they have brought with them and found along the way.


Each Arcana is associated with an element; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, or Lightning, each of which has its own properties, strengths, and weaknesses. An element deals more damage to and takes less damage from its strength, and the reverse for its weakness. These can be seen in the table below:

Or for simplicity: Fire > Air > Earth > Lightning > Water > Fire, going left for weakness and right for strength.

Enemies also take less damage from their own element (i.e. Freiya takes less damage from water).

Elemental attacks deal -20% damage to targets of the same elemental type, +20% damage to targets that are weak to that element, and -10% damage to targets that are strong to that element.

Chaos Arcana

Chaos arcana are an extremely rare and powerful type of arcana. Few wizards are capable of using them, and even fewer can create them. The head of the Magical Council is the only known person capable of crafting chaos arcana, and they are only given out as awards for completing the trials. Due to their rarity, details of their effects remain a mystery.

Projectiles and Melee Arcana

Arcana can generally be split into two categories: Projectile and Melee arcana.

When two projectiles collide, the game will reduce both projectile’s damage by the other’s damage. If the damage of the projectile after collision is less than ten, it’s destroyed. As an example, if you have 2 projectiles, one with 5 damage, and one with 10 damage, and they collide, the first one will be reduced to -5 damage, and be destroyed. The second projectile will be reduced to 5 damage, and also be destroyed. This damage reduction stays even after the two particles have finished the collision. If one isn’t destroyed in the collision, it will continue on with the reduced damage.

The Flak Gauntlet makes all melee basic attacks automatically destroy projectiles, regardless of their damage.

There are a few arcana that are special, and don’t fit into either of these categories, such as Bolt Rail (which is neither projectile nor melee).

These categories are also responsible for item effects being applied, such as the Dark Katana, which only affects any melee arcana.

List of arcana

There are 128 Arcana in the game:


Basic enemies


Coffin Knight





Mago / Caballero / Asesino


Your wizard’s outfit confers a variety of stat changes, in addition to appearance. At the start of the game, only two outfits are available, Hope and Patience, both of which offer no effects until the other outfits are unlocked.

All outfits can be purchased from Savile in the plaza for 75 Gem

List of outfits


Relics are rare magical items that were crafted and used by powerful wizards of the past to enhance their magical abilities. They can be acquired from merchants or in chests in the Chaos Trials.

Relics can have positive or negative effects, or both.

List of relics
There are currently 178 relics.


Each floor will have a Green, Purple, and Red shop, denoted by the color of the portal that appears in the shop. The green will always be Artisan Andres, and the purple will always be Virtuoso Iris, but the red portal will be a random one of the other NPCs listed below.

Artisan Andres

Andres runs the relic shop, which will offer 4 random relics from pools that the player has unlocked, and a Health Potion. The health potion will always cost 100 gold, but the other relics have set prices depending on the relic. Occasionally, some relics will be on sale, and they will cost 25 gold less. The health potion will never be on sale.

Andres also appears in the main plaza, where he will sell relics for gems to unlock them permanently.

Virtuoso Iris

Iris runs the Arcana shop, which will offer 4 random arcana, one of which will be enhanced, from pools the player has unlocked. She will not sell arcana that you currently have in your hand, unless one of them can be enhanced, then she may sell that. The price will vary based on the individual arcana. Occasionally, some arcana will be on sale, and they will cost 25 gold less.

Iris also appears in the main plaza, where she will sell arcana for gems to unlock them permanently. She will also sell Signature arcana here if the player does not have them all unlocked yet. Signature arcana will always cost 75 gems.


Savile is the clothing merchant. For 100 gold and 125 health (your health will be reduced to 1 if you have less than 126), she will upgrade the player’s outfit, increasing the effects. Savile apply +50% of the effects of your current upgrade. If the player is using the standard Hope or Patience outfits, these will upgrade to their full enhanced versions.

Savile also appears in the main plaza, where she will sell outfits for 75 gems. She will also offer to alter the effects of your current outfit here for 5 gems. This upgrade will remove all of the effects of your current outfit and replace them with Savile’s own bonuses.

Nox the Unfortunate

Nox offers the player a selection of cursed relics. The relics are free, but the player can choose only one. Cursed relics are quite powerful, but also come with drawbacks, and the relic can not be removed for the rest of dungeon. These relics can only be acquired from Nox, or very rarely, from chests.

Doctor Song

Doctor Song tells the player she’s “studying the effects of long-term arcana usage” and asks for an arcana. If the player accepts, she will take a random standard arcana from the player’s inventory and give the player one of four relics that can only be acquired from her.


Taffy the pinata wants the player to hit him with a strong enough combo to burst him open. The combo starts on the first hit, and the player will have roughly 5 seconds to bring his health bar down to nothing. If enough damage can not be dealt in time, Taffy will teleport to the center of the room with full health and laugh. If he can be defeated, he will drop an enhanced(always on PC. Consoles have not yet received this update and may get normal) arcana.

Cremire the Collector

Cremire will buy relics from the player. To do so, walk up to him and press x on one of your relics to drop it, and he will pay 40% of the item’s store value in gold for it. The amount of gold paid can not be seen before hand. Cursed relics can not be sold.

Nocturne the Cardist

Nocturne will randomly take one of your standard arcana and shuffle it with 4 others, all of which will be enhanced, including your own if it was not already. You will then pick one of the 5 cards (face-down) to replace the one he took. It is possible to track the position of cards if you are looking for a specific one. This process is free, aside from the arcana taken, but you are guaranteed to always get an enhanced arcana in return.

Hub-only shops

These shops only appear in the main hub.


Jade will offer you 200 gold to start your next run with in exchange for 20 gems.


Mah-Lind will let you pick which a council member you go after first in the next run, as opposed to the usual random order, in exchange for 10 gems. The council member selected will be the one that defeated you on your last run, or a randomly selected one if it is your first run since starting the game.

Chaos Trials

The Chaos Trials are an annual competition in Lanova held by the Lanova Council of Magic to seek worthy wizards. The strongest members of the council shape sections of Lanova Castle into a labyrinth of hazards and creatures of chaos energy, each personalized to their own element and personality. Wizards from around the world compete to defeat these challenges, and the council members who made them, to earn the title of Wizard of Legend.

Rules/ Reglas

Wizards who enter the Chaos Trials are allowed to start with only four arcana, a basic attack, a dash, a standard, and a signature, so wizards will typically bring their favorite ones. Additional arcana can be collected throughout the trials through chests, shopkeepers, and as rewards for beating the council members.

Rewards / Recompensas

In addition to earning the title of Wizard of Legend, the winner will be awarded with one or more Chaos Arcana, extremely rare and powerful arcana that can only be crafted by the head of the council, and that most wizards can’t control.


Lanova is a city with a strong interest in magic. The city is home to the Lanova Council of Magic who host the Chaos Trials, an annual tournament that attracts wizards from all over the world to test if they are worthy of being called a Wizard of Legend.

Council of Magic

The Council of Magic is a group of powerful wizards in the city of Lanova. They host the annual Chaos Trials to test wizards from around the world.

Known members are: Frost Queen Freiya, Flame Empress Zeal, Earth Lord Atlas, and Mast

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