When the Darkness Comes – All Endings Guide (Bad & True)

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. This guide is prepared to show how When the Darkness Comes ending. I hope this guide will help you. Have fun.

True Ending

Video guide

Be careful; this ending is only available after successfully completing the second playthrough.

  • Restart the game and press the red button.

  • Walk towards the fireplace and the piano.
  • Go downstairs, try to go through the front door and answer the call on the upper floor afterwards.
  • Stand in front of the TV and take a place on the couch downstairs. Wait.
  • Follow the staircase all the way up during the chess scene:

  • Turn around and press the “Open” button. Go straight ahead to the light and break free:

  • Find your light.

Inside the credits room, exit the game by pressing the green button which is next to the piano.

  • Restart the game.

You have reached the end of the journey.

If you want to continue playing, you’ll either have to delete all save files or replace them with a backup.

Bad Ending

Video Guide

  • Load your backup from the second playthrough.
  • At Chapter XIV, jump into the light tunnel and hang yourself.

  • Restart the game one more time.

This guide’s finished now. I hope you like it. I think the game When the Darkness Comes has interesting bad and true endings. If you have any comments please¬†let’s know and add comments.



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