Warstone TD Gameplay Guide (Levels, Maps, Items, Achievements Tips and Tricks)

Warstone TD game guide focuses on gameplay guide. This guide will go through the different aspects of the game aswell as give a few tips and tricks here and there. We hope that this guide will help you.

The Game

There isn’t really a need for this as the old man explains most of what you need to do and there is a bunch of small conversations with him that further explains almost everything, as well as gives tips for the different aspects of the game.

1. Levels

Each level has 3 modes and each mode can be played on 4 different difficulties. The different modes unlock as you progress in the game and the requirements to do the other game modes can be seen on each specific level.

The fourth difficulty “Challenge” is what you need to clear on all the modes to get stars and you can get 3 stars on each level, one for each mode. These difficulties requires you to complete the level but with certain criteria such as: don’t build a certain unit, don’t use spells and so on…

Certain levels can only be played with others so you have to go to the arena and either join or create a game to play those maps. Some of these are PvP which means you have to send units while building towers to defend yourself

2. Items

You can get “on use” or “permanent” items. On use is one time only and costs gold. Permanent items costs mithril and are items you can have in your bag that gives passive bonuses.

These can be: extra gold at the start of the map, more damage to certain units and so on.

You can only have one of each of the three types of items:

right hand item, left hand item and accessory

3. Map

The bottom left is where you can change your items and spells

4. Units

There is five units. They are unlocked as you progress through the game and they all have unique upgrades. Archers and peasants have to two types of routes each with different benefits.

All the units have a prefered armor type to deal damage to. That means they will deal more damage to certain enemies. Also not all units can attack air units and “ghosts” can only get hit by elementals and sorceresses

5. Monsters

There are different monsters. try and click them to see what armor they have and what units work well against them. You’ll most likely see what works and not through trial and error but it’s good to know it is a thing nonetheless.

6. Achievements

The achievements are extremely simple and you will get all but one of the achievements if you just play through the game but I’ll explain the most unique ones here. but just click stuff when the old guy tells you to or when something has an exclamation mark(!) on it.

Map Completionist

You have to complete all the levels in the game on all 3 modes. These modes are normal, challenge and survival. my biggest tip here is that you can complete them on any difficulty. So if you struggle to complete a specific map on hard then try and turn the difficulty down to easy on the right side.

INVINCIBLE Achievement

Complete all the missions in Challenge mode


Complete all the missions in Survival mode

STAR EMPEROR Achievement

Collect 75 stars

You gain the ability to complete all modes on challenge difficulty at a certain point in the campaign. These are extra requirements you have to complete to unlock the specific star for each of the 3 game modes on each level. Many of these will require you to change your build to the clear the given task. But you can always change your abilities an infinite amount a times so don’t worry about that. It’s just a little tedious.

Misc Achievements

These are special achievements that you might miss but if you listen to the old man just a little and follow the tooltips throughout the game then you’ll get 99/100 no matter what.

Bug Finder Achievement

Find bugs in the game

Just click the little bug shown on the picture below and listen to the old man.

You might also have to kill a bug on the left of the screen, when you open the game, in the menu. I did also do that but don’t know if it’s part of the achievement

FAN Achievement

Get acquainted with creators of the game

click the computer stone tablet after finishing the game on the left of the screen

7. Tips and Tricks

The things i wish i knew when starting out.

  • The rewards don’t change whether or not you play on easy or hard so just play on easy when you don’t feel like you can progress if it’s to difficult on hard or normal.
  • You can change your skills at the tree infinite times so don’t be scared to test out different skills.

This is the ending of Warstone TD Gameplay Guide (Levels, Maps, Items, Achievements Tips and Tricks) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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