Warframe Locations of Partnership Fragment (Jupiter Tileset)

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Locations of Partnership Fragment

Location 1

I only encountered this room once, so I’d say it’s a pretty rare room. You can tell this is it by big glass tubes on one side. The fragment is located outside the room, and you can reach it with some parkour from a nearby balcony.

Location 2

This tile always appears in sabotage missions. To get to the Fragment simply parkour around the wall and you will find it.

Location 3

Very common extraction tile. Simply climb up the wall and onto the weird Corpus contraption to get your fragment.

Location 4

This is a tile that frequently appears in capture and extermination missions. The fragment can be found near the bottom of the tile, in a “socket”.

Location 5

This tileset usually has the Ropalolyst shooting you as it flies away. This is a semi-rare tile to get in my experience. Found in a capture mission.

Location 6

This is a relatively common tile. The Fragment is located high up near a fan.

Location 7

This is a very common tile, at least in capture and sabotage. The Fragment is located up, near the ceiling of the room next to one of the pillars.

Location 8

Another common tile. The Fragment is located at the bottom of it, behind and under an antenna you can “stand” on.

This is the ending of Warframe Locations of Partnership Fragment  (Jupiter Tileset) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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