Warframe How to Find and Kill Ropalolyst / Flydolon

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How to Find and Kill Ropalolyst / Flydolon


Go to the capacitors

2: Charging Capacitors

Hide behind the capacitors while Rapalolyst uses it’s beam attack.

3: Ropalolyst shields

Use operator to shoot down it’s shields (like eidolons)
Note: this step can be done before steps 1 & 2

4: Riding the Ropalolyst

Once shields are down, use bullet jump towards it.
When close enough, a prompt to ride the Ropalolyst will show.

5: Ramming the capacitor

Now on the Ropalolyst, ram the charged capacitor.

6: Destroying joints

After ramming capacitor, the Ropalolyst will return to the main platform.
Destroy its joints on it’s back,

then activate the terminal in the middle while it’s down.

7: Repeat

Repeats step 1-6 for the next Joint, and other capacitors

8: Final Part

After destroying final capacitor, it’ll be vulnerable to attacks.

This is the ending of Warframe How to Find and Kill Ropalolyst / Flydolon guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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