Warframe Eidolon Hunting Guide

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Eidolon Hunting Guide

Before you start hunting

You will NEED the following:

  • Any Max-ranked Warframe
  • An Operator (Any Focus tree will do, but Zenurik or Vazarin is preferable due to health/energy regen)
  • Crit-Based guns
  • As much Radiation and Crit as you can put onto said guns

You SHOULD bring the following:

  • A high damage-per-shot weapon (Such as a sniper rifle)
  • A dependable, crit-based secondary weapon (Arca Scisco, Akbolto Prime, Kitguns etc.)
  • A crafted Amp (High-Crit, preferably)
  • Warframes such as:
  • Volt (Speed is good for the Plains, his Shield is brilliant when used with crit weapons)
  • Chroma (Damage buffing and tankiness. What more does an Eidolon hunter need?)
  • Rhino (Alternative to Chroma)
  • Oberon (Health restoration, Armour buffing and status effect negation)
  • Trinity (Alternative to Oberon)
  • Harrow (Bruh…)
  • Titania (I’m Mesa, but I can actually hit an Eidolon!)

You MIGHT want to bring the following:

  • 3 Friends and/or Clanmates (Allows for better communication and team compositions)
  • A Gunblade (It’s a blade, AND A GUN!)
  • Atmospheric Arch-Guns (Might be useful, depending on the gun and the situation)
  • Archwing Deployer (It opens up a lot of possibilities)
  • Items such as:
  • Mantis Air Support (Medical Pod)
  • Health/Energy restoration deployables

Do NOT bring:

  • Status-based weapons (Eidolons are immune to status effects)
  • Mesa (Regulators can’t lock onto the Eidolon.)
  • Vauban (Eidolons aren’t affected by crowd control, silly!)
  • Mag (Just don’t, ok?)

Step 0: The Waiting Game

Now you’ve got your weapons and Warframes, just wait until the Plains are in their ‘Night’ cycle.
You can check by going to navigation and hovering over the Plains Node
If it says ‘Night in xx Minutes, it is Day.
However, if it says ‘Day in xx Minutes, it is Night!
Eidolons only spawn at Night, so it is advised to assemble your hunting party a few minutes before Sunset to maximise your hunting time as the Eidolons disappear into the ground once the sun rises.


Step 0.5: Before the Hunt

Have a single member of your team to gather Eidolon Lures. You will need them to capture the Eidolon, which increases the chance of good loot!
You will need 2 Lures for the Teralyst and 3 for the Gauntalyst and Hydrolyst. Keep them close to the Eidolon before it is defeated to ensure you capture it successfully.
The required Lures are used once the capture is complete, so you will need to acquire a total of 8 Lures during the course of the Hunt.
Tip: Your team member can keep the Lures safe until the final phase of the fight to ensure that they remain intact. They only need to be present during the final phase.

Step 1: The Teralyst

The Teralyst is the easiest Eidolon to fight, but should not be taken lightly for a new Eidolon Hunter.
Firstly, go into your Operator form and shoot the Teralyst with your Amp. This is the only way to take down the shields and expose it to more conventional forms of damage.
Once its shields are down, shoot the Synovia. They look like old radiators and can be found on its limbs. Shoot them and the Eidolon will release a number of pulses which inflict Magnetic procs, draining your energy and shields.
Rinse and repeat until it all of the Synovias are destroyed. The Eidolon will fall to the ground and call for the help of the Vomvalysts. Destroy them and the Eidolon rises and its body becomes completely vulnerable to damage. Destroy it, keep the lures close and you’ve captured a Teralyst!

Next up: The Gauntalyst!

Step 2: The Gauntalyst

Remember everything we did to that poor Teralyst? Guess what, we’re doing it again with his big brother, the Gauntalyst!
Firstly, grab all of the loot and head to the rock in the middle of Gara Toht Lake. Remember to grab the shard from the Teralyst and 3 Lures for capturing the new Eidolon. Place the shard you obtained and, once the other 3 have done so, the Gauntalyst rises from the lake!
The fight plays out similarly, but the Gauntalyst has more Synovias and more tricks up its sleeves, such as a radial shield (RIP long-range fighting) and pillars of radiant energy that erupt from the ground!
Once you’ve survived the onslaught, capture the Gauntalyst and you’re ready for the big one!

Up next: The Hydrolyst, The Final Boss!

Step 3: The Hydrolyst AKA The floor is lava Simulator

Grab the shard from the Gauntalyst and head to the centre of Gara Toht lake. Sacrifice the shard and the Hydrolyst is summoned!
The fight is similar to the Gauntalyst fight, but it can make the ground around it incredibly damaging.
Destroy the Synovias, grab everything and head to the exit.

This is the ending of the guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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