Warfork Guide on How to Start

Warfork game guide focuses on beginners guide. The guide includes game settings, video settings, keybindings, game types, items, and etc. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Warfork Guide

Warfork is a demanding fast-paced first person shooter with a focus on speed, aim, movement, and above all competitive play. There are no gimmicks such as leveling up, purchasable weapons, gory graphic violence, etc.

The game is a fork of Warsow. Warfork replaces Warsow trademarks with our own. You can read about our development goals and project ambitions on the Steam Forums.


Warfork is a game where you need to set things. Here are some hints:

You can choose your Nickname in the “Options -> Model” menue or by console \name
For colors check out the guide on steam

Video settings

Settings depend on your machine and personal preference. More soon

with “use soldi colors for world” – on you can have full colors instead of detailed textures for even more visibility

use commands in console to change the appearence:

for all red use this (alter the numbers accordingly)

r_floorcolor 255 255 255
r_wallcolor 255 255 255


For movement, dash and walljump are right click on default,

Bind your weapons! Here is a layout but of course this is up to you:

1 – Gunblade
2 – Maschingun
r – Rocket
q – Lasergun
e – Grenades
f – Electrobolt
v – Plasma
c – Riotgun

Game Modes

  1. Team Deathmatch: Team-vs-team game mode. The goal of a team deathmatch game is to frag as many players of the opposing team as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  2. Clan Arena: Team game mode where you aim to frag the entire other team before your team is completely eliminated. Clan Arena has no item pickups, you spawn with all weapons.
  3. Free for All: The goal of a FFA game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached. Unlike in Deathmatch, you spawn with weapons and ammunition.
  4. Headhunt: Game mode where one player is tagged and all other players attempt to frag the tagged player. Tagged player gets score for each second he/she stays alive. The person who frags the tagged player, becomes tagged.
  5. Duel Arena: Frag the most opponents in 1-on-1 combats. Your arsenal is fully replenished before each round. The winner of the round is challenged by the next player in the queue.
  6. Deathmatch: The goal of a Deathmatch game is to frag as many other players as possible until the time or frag limit is reached.
  7. Duel: Duel is a 1vs1 game mode. The standard match lasts 10 minutes, if there’s a draw there will be added 120 seconds overtime. The player who frags their opponent the most wins the map.
  8. Race: Players try to complete a course to achieve the fastest time possible through highly technical maps by means of bunny hopping, strafe jumping, circle jumps, air control, weapon combos, and tricks.
  9. Bomb and Defuse: There are two teams that must defend or attack a bombsite. To win a round, a team can win by fragging all of the opposition, defusing the bomb, or ensuring it explodes.
  10. Capture the Flag: There are two teams that must defend or capture their opponents flag within the set time limit.
  11. Capture the Flag: Tactics Class based version of Capture the Flag, similar to Team Fortress. Each player can be a Grunt, Medic, Runner, or Engineer.

Here, just mention some “specials” about them.

Clan Arena

Its fast paced since you dont have selfdamage and mostly big maps so you can rocketjump around like crazy, have fun 🙂

Here is a video for CA movement (the speed comes from the above round “ramps” you hit when rocket/grenade jumping, hit the ceiling at the right angle, move accorindly and you gain a lot of speed)


Usual deathmatch but you start with all weapons.


CS GO without buysystem. Also, TEAMDAMAGE IS ON!!

Press shift (default) for voice meue.


Short rounds FFA with max 4 players, the first who get killed need so spectate next round, just survive. Weapon will be randomly determend at start.


You can only kill opponents while they are in the air. Aircontrol is off.


Name says it all, make sure to bind kill (console -> bind b kill). Race as fast as you can from start to finish.


This is Race but with improvements:

press shift to open your race menue (like save your position in case you want to start over somewhere else, which is recommended for advanced runs)

esc -> race options lead you to “global” settings

There is a main racemod with additonal commands, type /help to see the list of options


Amphi is a map to train LG/Plasma/Riot/Rocket in a small area



  • Red Armor

– Gives 100 armor up to max. 150

  • Yellow

– Gives 75 armor up to max. 125

  • Green

– Gives 50 armor up to max. 100

  • Item Timings

– Armor spawns every 25sec after pickup
– Mega Health spawns every 20sec after the player who picked it up last drops to 100HP or less

This is the ending of Warfork beginners guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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