War Thunder – Internet Radio and Stations

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Internet Radio and Stations in War Thunder game. These vehicles are also ranked from I to V. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.


Step one: Finding your Radio

Let’s start with the fun part.

Go over to any radio website that allows you to download it as a PLS file.

I would reccomend trying out http://internet-radio.com because theres a ton of radio stations over there to choose from.

(For now on I will be basing on that website. Srry ;-; (I might make an expansion if this guide gets popular))

So, go over to that site. Browse some stations. I will use FOREX CHILL MUSIC for this guide.

You see where it says .pls? Its right under the play button next to .m3u. Click it. Choose a save spot. Onto the next step.

Step Two: Getting the link to the Radio

(Before we begin, download VLS media player)

Open the PLS file in VLS.

Now, go to View > Playlist.

This should come up.

Right click the name of your station, press “Information…”

You see the box called “location” on the bottom? Copy that link. You got what you needed.

Step three: Setting it up in War Thunder

Now, open up War Thunder. Go to the Settings > Internet Radio. Press “Add Station”, enter in the name of it, and the URL. Click “Use as Game Music”. Now, if you want to change stations in game, map your buttons to your keyboard, use mine if you want.

Enable it, and you’re done!


Europa Plus – http://ep256.streamr.ru
Russian Radio – http://icecast.russkoeradio.cdnvideo.ru/rr.mp3
Retro FM – http://retro256.streamr.ru
Radio Chanson – http: // chanson .hostingradio.ru: 8041 / chanson128.mp3
Humor FM – http://ic3.101.ru:8000/v5_1
Vesti FM – http://icecast.vgtrk.cdnvideo.ru/vestifm_mp3_192kbps
Radio Beacon – http: // icecast .vgtrk.cdnvideo.ru / mayakfm_mp3_192kbps
Radio Energy – http://ic2.101.ru:8000/v1_1
Vip Mix – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/vip_320
Pirate Station – http: //air.radiorecord .ru: 8102 / ps_320
Record Deep – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/deep_320
Record Breaks – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/brks_320
Record Dancecore – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/dc_320
Record Dubstep – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/dub_320
Record Trap – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/trap_320
Teodor Hardstyle – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/teo_320
Yo! FM – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/yo_320
Pump’n’Klubb – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/pump_320
Radio Record – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8101/rr_320
Superdisco 90s – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/sd90_320
Trancemission – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/tm_320
Russian Mix –http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/rus_320
Medlyak FM – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/mdl_320
Record Chill-Ou – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/chil_320
Record Club – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/club_320
Hop FM – http://air.radiorecord.ru:8102/gop_320

This is the ending of War Thunder – Internet Radio and Stations guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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