War Thunder – Crew Skills: Tank Realistic Battles

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Crew Skills: Tank Realistic Battles in War Thunder game. Crew skills are one of the aspects of this game. Once you do come across it, it can become rather confusing. This guide articulates how you should implement your Crew XP points. The guide will exclusively focus on Tank Realistic Battles. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

These are the crewmembers that you want to prioritize in this order:

1. Loader
2. Gunner
3. Driver
4. Commander
5. Radio Operator/Machine Gunner

Crew Skills: Tank Realistic Battles

The Loader

The loader’s primary function is weapon reloading. He determines your tank’s reload speed, and there will be many, many times when a split second of reload time is the difference between you killing or you dying. Therefore, you want to put your skills points for the loader into weapon reloading. Since higher levels of skill have diminishing returns in terms of Crew XP cost, you’ll later want to put skill points into vitality to help the loader take some hits and keep going. The weapon reload skill will contribute the most to your success.

The Gunner

The gunner is second in priority because he determines your targeting skill. With the gunner, you want to prioritize Targeting to enable you to acquire targets better. An important secondary skill you might want to prioritize (especially in Realistic Battles) is Rangefinding. The rangefinder is a separate skill you have to bind in your control settings, and although it is slow and somewhat limited in practical application, it will help immensely in learning the ballistics of a new gun you’re not familiar with.

It’s not necessary, however, as experience will render the rangefinder obsolete, and the baseline skill can probably suffice. The opportunity cost of that Crew XP investment is up to you. I recommend putting at least a little bit in there, although whether that makes a sufficient difference to be worth it is up to you. Overall you can’t go wrong not investing in rangefinder and investing those points elsewhere. Later on, with the diminishing returns of increased crew skills and XP, you’ll want to improve Vitality to help the gunner take some hits and keep shooting. Nothing’s worse than a knocked out gunner. At least with a dead driver or loader you can still fight back.

The Driver

The driver is not as large as a priority as the loader and gunner because his skill isn’t as critical to your life and your ability to kill as they are. He determines your tank driving skill, which affects your tank’s efficiency in gear shifting which means that your tank will be able to drive, turn, and brake more efficiency.

With the driver, you want to prioritize Tank Driving so that you can zip around the map more efficiently. With small fast tanks, it’ll make you even faster. With big slow tanks, it’ll make the commute to the fight a little less painful. With the diminishing returns of Crew XP investment, you’ll later want to start improving Vitality to ensure that your driver can continue to drive even after taking a couple of hits.

The Commander

The commander impacts the leadership skill, which provides all-encompassing small bonuses to EVERY crew skill. This is important because, between two opposing crews with an equally trained loader, gunner, and driver, the crew with higher leadership in the commander will have the advantage. With the commander, you want to prioritize Leadership so that his example will inspire the rest of the crew to do better in everything they do. With the diminishing returns of Crew XP, you’ll later want to invest in Agility.

Agility not Vitality! This is because the death of the commander does not result in any loss of vital functions of the tank! The Agility crew skill, meanwhile, determines how quickly the commander is able to switch into a different position. You want this to be improved so that if your gunner or your loader dies but your commander survives, your commander can replace the gunner or loader as quickly as possible and resume their vital roles.

The Radio Operator/Machine Gunner

The radio operator/machine gunner’s specialized skill is in radio operating skills, which affects artillery accuracy/delivery time, and the radio range at which enemy positions are reported on the minimap. Artillery’s main use is as an area denial/suppressive tool than as a direct strike tool, and minimap intelligence is sufficient for what it is in Tank Realistic Battles.

For the most part, you want to avoid pouring any Crew XP into the Radio Operator/Machine Gunner until you’ve hit the stage where diminishing returns has led to you switching to upgrading Vitality/Agility. At that point you should invest Crew XP into upgrading the Agility of your Radio Operator/Machine Gunner so that he can more quickly assume the roles of the gunner/loader/driver should one of them die.

So Here’s How You’ll Actually Invest Your Crew XP Into Your Crew

Upgrading a crew skill once means that one of the bars that indicate how proficient your crewmember is in that particular skill becomes halfway filled up. You want to focus on each skill until you’ve filled up an entire additional bar before moving onto the next. So here’s the order in which I recommend upgrading your crew skills:

1. Loader: Weapon Reloading +2 (press the + button twice: this fills up one entire “bar”)
2. Gunner: Targeting +2
3 (Optional). Gunner: Rangefinding +2 (You can start out upgrading this, then drop out of the sequence later)
4. Driver: Tank Driving +2
5. Commander: Leadership +2

Repeat the above once (or twice, but I did once) more. After that go:

1. Gunner: Vitality +2
2. Driver: Vitality +2
3. Loader: Vitality +2
4. Commander: Agility +2
5. Radio Operator/Machine Gunner: Agility +2

Then just alternate between upgrading your crew’s core skills, and your crew’s survivability.


Eventually, you’ll reach the point where even the core skills and survivability skills cost too much in XP and time to be worth it. At that point, you want to start upgrading the Repair skill for each crew member in turn so that you can repair the damage done to your tank faster, which will prove to be extremely useful. Afterward, you will want to upgrade Keen Vision. Although the spotting mechanics in War Thunder aren’t like World of Tanks and tanks don’t engage cloak randomly, the client does render/not render enemy tanks beyond a certain range depending on your crew’s Keen Vision skill. In order to be able to spot and engage targets behind cover beyond 500-700m, you’ll want to upgrade Keen Vision.

Logistics Skills & Crew Proficiency

Forget about this section. The two skills in this section are Repair Rank and Repair Speed. These only matters if you disable automatic repair and have the tank in an active crew slot. Basically, you can choose to wait a certain period of time to repair your vehicle for free instead of paying Silver Lions like everyone already does by default.

I’m not going to go into detail about these skills, but my bottom line is that you should just keep Automatic Repair on and pay Silver Lions to repair your vehicles.

Logistics Skills are not worth it.

Now onto Crew Proficiency.

ALWAYS upgrade your crews to Expert. It only costs Silver Lions and provides a benefit to all crew skills, so there’s no reason to. Now upgrading to Ace is another story. It costs Golden Eagles to do so, and the benefit isn’t as large as for the upgrade to Expert. You should only do this for those tanks that you always go back and play no matter what BR you’re currently at. Or for tanks that you’ve established for use in Squadron Battles if it’s deemed necessary.

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