Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition Achievement Guide (General & Difficult)

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Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition

Difficult Achievement Guide

Sword Master

Completing a perfect run of the gargoyle sword mini-game is aggravating at first, but there’s a very simple trick to guarantee you win. First, if you haven’t already, brew the Supersize spell (Amethyst + Eye + Blood) and equip it. Supersize the sword, grab it, and walk over to the gargoyle (It may help to move the sword over there first, before starting.) Stick the supersized sword in the gargoyles mouth, this should instantly slice ever apple he shoots. Wait until you reach the end and the skull announces you’ve completed a perfect run.

Crossbow Master

The easiest way to complete this achievement is to first, obtain the cylinder by fighting your way through the dungeon. Once you obtain the cylinder, return to the main area, grab it in your non-dominant hand and hold it upside down, activating slow motion, until you complete the achievement. Then grab the crossbow in your dominant hand and fire it at the target above the window. Shoot all the following targets that appear until the skull announces you’ve completed a masterful run.

General Achievement Guide

Wizard Apprentice

Brew 6 spells in the cauldron.

Wizard Master

Brew all 12 spells in the cauldron.

Catch this!

Play catch with the armor knight.


Throw Skully out the window.

Afraid of heights

Visit the canyon bridge.

Aghh, a monster!

Encounter the hallway monster.


Put on trial by the interdimensional judges.

Ooh, a secret!

Play the hidden musical notes.

Master of the Maze

Complete the maze trial.

Why did I drink that?

Drink the 3 hidden potions.

Sword Master

Play a flawless gargoyle sword game.

Crossbow Master

Play a flawless crossbow target game.

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