Wallpaper Engine – How to Add “Next Wallpaper” Shortcut Windows Desktop Right-Click Menu

Step 1: Set a hotkey to “next Wallpaper” in Wallpaper Engine. It should obviously be a hotkey that you wouldn’t use when you don’t specifially want to get the next wallpaper. For this example, it will be Alt+F12.

Step 2: If you don’t have it already, download nircmd[www.nirsoft.net] (Downloadlink at the end of page). This allows you to simulate your hotkey via the sendkey[nircmd.nirsoft.net] command.

Step 3: Create a batchfile that will use nircmd to press the specified hotkey. In our example, the batchfile should look something like this (obviously, set “C:\Program Files\” to whereever you put nircmd):

(@echo off

start “” “C:\Program Files\nircmd\nircmd.exe” sendkey alt down

start “” “C:\Program Files\nircmd\nircmd.exe” sendkey F12 down

start “” “C:\Program Files\nircmd\nircmd.exe” sendkey alt up

start “” “C:\Program Files\nircmd\nircmd.exe” sendkey F12 up


Step 4: For the actual entry in the context menu, open regedit.exe and go to:


Create a new Key, **Next Wallpaper** or whatever you want your context menu entry to be called. Under that new Key, add another new Key called **command**. You should now be here:

(HKEY\_CLASSES_ROOT\DesktopBackground\Shell\Next Wallpaper\command)

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