Wallpaper Engine Beginners Guide – How to Make Wallpaper

This guide provides beginners or news to have information using the Wallpaper Engine.

  1. Firstly, if you want to start off by creating your very own wallpaper, at the bottom left corner, you will see open from a file, open from URL and Wallpaper Editor.
  2. Open from a file can be meant from the video which you’ve downloaded online and want to use it as a wallpaper.
  3. Open from URL stands that you are able to make the video from that of the URL as your wallpaper. For example, you can get videos from youtube such as music videos or AMVs or something you like and want to use it as a wallpaper. You can just copy the URL and click on open from URL and paste the link to that video and boom its all done. Simple and easy right?
  4. Wallpaper Editor, this is where you can create your very own wallpaper! Are you excited? So first and foremost, when you click Wallpaper Editor the second page of Wallpaper Engine will pop up and there are selections to be made. The choices are creating wallpaper or use a template or maybe even opening a recent file right beside those two selections. Next, once you’ve done your selection you can open an image or a video. Whichever you may like to create the wallpaper with.
  • There are two important keyboard shortcuts which might come in handy for you guys.
  • Ctrl + Z which means to undo the mistake if you’ve made any.
  • Ctrl + Y which means to redo the what you undo by accident or what so it may be.
  1. Afterwards, when your image or video is loaded in the Wallpaper Editor, the intersurface might complicate you but its really not that hard.
  2. There are four sections in this editor, the first is the + Add Asset section. This section allows you to add cool effects to make your wallpaper even cooler than how it was in the beginning. There are presets available for you to choose from which makes it so much easier. For example, they have the snow particles, leaves and fire. These effects have different types to choose from as well when you clicked on them, you can choose the type of snow you want out of 3 amazing types. Like, Snow Perspective, Snow Flat, Snow Storm which have different effects. It just takes the wallpaper up to a whole new level just by adding these effects.
  3. The second section is the preview of what is happening to your wallpaper as you edit it. It shows your progress and gives you a view from your perspective of what you are going to expect after all the effects from been added, which is mandatory for making good wallpapers.
  4. The third section is the Properties section, this is where you can navigate and edit the effects or even using new effects such as water waves to make the hair of your anime move which makes it super realistic and a cool 2D wallpaper. If you need tips on how to make the hair of the anime character move. Please write it in the comments.
  5. The fourth section is Assets. This section shows what image or video or even music added to the wallpaper. If you want to add music to the wallpaper, you can import it from the edit section at the top left-hand corner with File to save or apply the wallpaper, or View if you need more equally divided parts like grids or the selection box.

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