Void Bastards A Complete Guide for Enemies (Tips & Tricks)

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A Complete Guide for Enemies (Tips & Tricks)

The Janitor


The Janitor is one of the first low tier opponents you will encounter in the nebula. When idle, it walks around the room or corridor waiting for the next cleanup job. Once it spots you, its face begins glowing and it starts hovering in the air. Then it begins shooting bolts of energy at you from its mouth dealing a fair amount of damage while chasing you down. Its main weakness is the head so aim at it to deal extra damage. Any direct weapon is recommended when facing one. Bushwackers and Bangers can easily dispatch large groups of them and poison spikes can kill one with only one spike.

Veteran Janitor
This first class Janitor is first encountered in the third depth level of the nebula and is much sturdier than its weaker cousin. It is also capable of shooting a volley of two shots in each attack. Its best to use stronger weapons like the Stapler to one shot it and always have some explosives when there are too many of them to pick off one at a time.

The Juve

“I can see ya, ****ward!”

These small rude guys are the second weakest enemies in the nebula. Although they are small, they are fast on their feet and can employ hit and run tactics causing you to potentially waste ammo when attacking them. They make “Tap Tap” noises when walking around idle and like all enemies start hovering when attacking. The best weapon to use is the Regulator since it can kill them in one headshot. Bushwackers are useful with setting up traps to cover your rear.

Hardened Juve
These are stronger versions of the regular Juve who are the same in every aspect but with more health, meaning that it will take more than one Regulator headshot to kill them. Their attacks are also capable of inflicting knockback. Either switch to the Stapler or the Spiker to deal with them. Any explosive weapon is recommended when dealing with large numbers of them.

The Tourist

“MY HAT!!”

These glowing blobs are hard to miss with their sloshing noises and their pitifully weak health but this masks their true threatening quality, as living bombs. Once they spot you, they will move towards you and once in range they began to glow and shake violently for a moment before exploding in a large area dealing heavy damage. They can be triggered to explode with one shot from a pistol which is useful in destroying any enemies near the Tourist like gunpoints or other Tourists. If you want to save ammo you can walk up to them to trigger their detonation and run like **** before they explode, just remember to steer clear of the blast zone since being near it can cause minor damage. There is also a special trait called “Tour Guide” that makes them and all their variants mostly harmless to you, if you’re lucky enough to find it.

These jaundiced relatives of the Tourists are less explosive than their bluer variants but they move a bit faster and have a habit of leaving an irradiated spot that persists forever from where they exploded. If encountered in large numbers they can leave narrow corridors impassable without getting radiation on you. Your best options are either lure them towards large rooms where you can safely disposed of them, seal the rooms with the rifts that spawns them, or find a HAB room on a ship and purchase hazard immunity from the contaminants remover.

Friendly Tourist
Don’t let its name fool you for this pink coloured tourist is by far the the most damaging creature in the Nebula. Once it sees you, it will begin to glow while moving slowly towards you. Once it gets to arms length it will immediately explode in a large radius doing enormous damage to you. Your only option is to kill it at long range. A fully upgraded Regulator takes 3 shots to detonate it but the Toaster and Nebulator can do the trick in one shot. Any indirect weapon is recommended, especially the Clusterflak which can clear an entire room of them and with the Bomb Hunter upgrade you can replenish your ammo. The Bouncer can block its destructive blast even at point blank and the Unstable Kitty can be a suitable substitute if you can’t use the Clusterflak.

The Screw

“Come on out…”

This is one enemy you do not want to be caught with in the same room. It’s tough, mean, slow, and takes a lot of pepper to bring down. When attacking, it sends out a burst of bolts from its body towards you and they are capable of bouncing off walls making it difficult at avoiding getting damaged. If you’re planning on fighting it with just a Regulator you’ll be wasting precious oxygen and ammo so try to avoid doing that. The Zapper is highly recommended if you’re in derelicts that have more than a few Screws in them, and also seal off any room containing a Screw in order to effectively trap it. The Stapler and Zapper combo is an efficient method of dispatching them in just 4 headshots at point blank. It can become a useful damage sponge with the help of the Scrambler.

Trusty Screw
This is the big brother of the Screws that is only found in the deepest parts of the Nebula. Its twice more stronger and tougher than the average Screw and can go toe to toe with the WarBot and win. Face one or two head on and you’re screwed, pun intended so you really, really, really, REALLY have to avoid it by all means. The Zapper and Roaster is the best combo to eliminate it. A Scrambler can also turn the odds in you favour with the Trusty Screw as an ally.

The Scribe

“Is that my 5 o’clock?!”

This mutated office worker is a low tier enemy and is first encountered in the 2nd depth level of the nebula. The Scribe is constantly hovering and when it starts attacking it takes a couple of seconds for it to bloat and unleash a volley of bolts at you. After it attacks once it will run off and hide before attacking again from a distance. Those first few seconds are its main weakness where it can be killed before it starts attacking. Shooting it with a Spiker will ensure its demise when it runs off. Stunning it with the Zapper is recommended but it prevents critical hit damage from being inflicted on it.

Senior Scribe
Basically, a stronger version of the Scribe. Stun it with the Zapper to keep it from escaping and causing more damage later on. The Spiker or Stapler are recommended.

Veteran Scribe
Probably the most aggravating enemy to encounter in the 5th depth of the Nebula. It is the strongest of all the Scribes and the volley of bolts it fires are capable of homing in on you, even while you’re in cover they will snake their way behind the walls towards you. It is also capable of deploying explosive poop. Yes, poop that explodes like trip mines. Those “mines” will bar your way and a group of Veteran Scribes will create a minefield in seconds. You can turn those mines against them with a well placed shot at the right time. The Herd-Zapper is helpful in stunning a group of them if you feel overwhelmed and Kittybots can draw their fire away. Overall, kill them fast before they become a growing problem. If you can’t kill them quick enough, use the Scrambler to make them fight each other.

The Spook

“I know you…”

The Spook is a mostly annoying opponent in the mid regions of the nebula. It usually found floating around aimlessly but when it see you it fades away like a ghost and reappears usually from behind you where it will open its coat to reveal its core and starts shooting at you. The core is its main weakness and you must attack it once it’s exposed or it will cover the core and take reduced damage from bullets. The Stapler can kill it in one shot and the Spiker or RadSpiker are recommended when fighting a Spook because once it’s poisoned, the clouds will give away its position when it’s invisible allowing you to prepare to kill it when it reappears, or you could let the poison kill it instead.

Shifty Spook
This citizen is an enhanced version of the Spook. It can fade away, reappear and shoot bolts at twice the speed and they can hit twice more harder. It can be dispatched with the same methods as the regular Spook, although a fully upgraded Spiker can kill it quicker.

The Patient

“Is that you, doc?”

These are a swarm of floating heads that on their own can cause little damage to you but in large numbers and they can quickly overwhelm you. Once they start attacking, they will move quickly towards you at close range and rapidly shoot small bolts at you. Each head is a separate hitbox and are constantly moving around in circles that makes aiming difficult and will lead to wasting ammo. The Bushwacker, Radspiker and the Riveter are highly effective against them. The Stapler however is not effective because it takes up to 4 shots to take out a Patient swarm which will waste ammo so using weapons with splash damage is a wise choice.

These heads are faster and they attack more rapidly than the minor Patients. Same tactics can apply.

The Zec

“Get back to work!”

This is one of the most dangerous enemies you will encounter deep in the 4th depth of the nebula. What makes it special is that it constantly has a unbreakable shield in front of it that blocks any projectile or weapon you throw at it, and also it shoot explosive bolts at you that can tear through chunks of your health. It’s only weakness is that the shield only protects the front, not its back and sides, so explosive weapons like the Nebulator and Bangers are a must have. The Nebulator will only work if you shoot at the floor, ceiling or walls so that the blast zone hits the Zec from behind its shield. If needing protection, use a Bouncer to reflect the explosive bolts back at it. The Scrambler is also useful but it must make direct contact with the Zec itself instead of the shield. Direct fire weapons like the Regulator, Stapler, Toaster, Zapper and Spiker are useless against the Zec’s shield. To shoot it from behind you can use the upgraded Rifter to disorient it long enough to tear it into glowing giblets with the Stapler, or use the Robokitty to distract it. The Radspiker’s radiation cloud can bypass the shield and cause enough damage to kill it with one shot.

The Peeper

The Peeper is just your average everyday security camera that keeps a look out for intruders, mainly you. Once it spots you it will send out an alarm that after a few seconds will trigger the ship’s security system to send out it’s security robots to hunt you down. This can be avoided by destroying the camera before it can finish reporting you. A single shot from a pistol or a zapper is sufficient enough to destroy it.

This red coloured security camera is twice more sturdier that the Peeper and can alert twice as fast. That means you should destroy it twice more quickly because if it finishes reporting you, the room where the Watcher is installed will go into lockdown slowing you down and allowing the SecBot to find you.

The Gunpoint

This mechanical turret protects the corridors and rooms from invaders such as yourself. Once it has a clear line of sight at you, it takes a second to deploy and unleash deadly bullets at you. It is important to remember to keep out of its sight if possible. As a mechanical enemy, it is immune to poisoning, radiation and scrambling but the Zapper is highly effective at stunning it for a long time. Once stunned you may either destroy it with explosives and bullets or override it with some merits to turn it on your side. Important note, override is only possible once unlocked at the workbench. Kittybots can also draw its line of fire away from you.

This turret is more well built than the gunpoint and instead of bullets, it shoots guided rockets with splash damage that can shave a lot of health if you’re not careful. The Zapper or Bouncer are recommended.

This turret is similar to the Boompoint and is only found in derelicts located in the deepest pits of the nebula. It can also shoots rockets but they can cause radiation poisoning. Can be dealt with the same strategy as the Gunpoints.

The SecBot

This is a walking wall of impending doom that can eliminate any inexperienced scavenger once activated. In the beginning it is inactive in its port that is usually found in the NAV room or the SEC room but relies on the Peepers or Watchers to alert it of any intruders. You can tell if it is nearby by the sound of a loud siren. It is also the only enemy capable of opening locked doors. Like any mechanical enemy, it is extremely weak against the Zapper and can stun it long enough to slip past it or to override it. Remember, override is only possible once unlocked at the workbench. Another method to disable the SecBot is to find the SEC room and either reset the security system or spend merits to shut it down.

This is a more powerful model of the SecBot, a version 2.0 if you will. What makes the Warbot
a superior model is that it has more health, stronger guns, a red paint job, and more importantly it can repair itself, meaning that trying to destroy it will only end up wasting ammo. While this makes it dangerous to you, overriding it makes it your most powerful ally against mutated citizens or unwanted pirates. The Bouncer can reflect its shots that eventually it will be destroyed by its own weapons.

The Pirate

This fearless female cutthroat is only seen when a pirate ship has encountered you and follows you into a derelict. She is heavily armoured, packs some serious heat, moves fast and will actively hunt you down until you’re dead. The best way to prevent pirates from coming for you is to have a torpedo in store which will be spent to destroy their ship saving you the trouble of being hunted by them. If you don’t have any torpedoes, you will need your best and strongest weapons like the Nebulator and the Roaster to deal significant damage to them. Upgraded tools like Herd-Zapper, Bouncer or the Scrambler are highly recommended.

This is the ending of Void Bastards A Complete Enemies Guide (Tips & Tricks) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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