Virtual Rides 3 100% Achievement Guide

Complete all Achievements.


Everything under control
Rode a ride longer than five minutes.

First earned points.
To get the points, operate any ride.

First Texturation
First changed texture on a ride.
Go to any part/pick any texture if you have one.

First painting of a ride.
Go to any part and adjust the colour.

Change the mood
You changed the theming of one of your rides.
Go to general/pick any theme.

First unlocked customization parts.
Go to any part, pick any part to buy.

Unlocked more than 9 parts in the customization shop.
Go to Investments to see how.

Fine tuning
Adjusted every customization slot on a ride.
I don’t know what it is?

I feel a bit sick
Rode more than 1 hour in onride perspective.

You walked more than 10 kilometers.

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