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Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to Trade Items efficiently in Unturned game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

You may have some questions about how to become a successful trader and how to trade efficiently in Unturned game. Unturned items trading can be quite tedious and discouraging sometimes, so if your here to get some help with how to build your Unturned inventory by trading you have come to the right place. It is very possible to become a successful trader by just simply trading Unturned Items. In this guide,  we’ll share the trading experience and hope to give you a few tips on how to become a successful Unturned trader.

Trade Items Guide

Advertising your trades

First and foremost in order for you to become a successful trader, you must advertise your trades.

In order to advertise your trades, I recommend you go to unturnedskins.com and zlounge.co. Then you will sign in and set up your account and set up your trades. To get the maximum amount of trade offers, I will recommend you be open to any offers rather than just looking for specific items as looking for specific items will make trading difficult for you because not everyone has the specific item you’re looking for.

After you have put in your tradelink and set up your trade on both of those sites you will want to bump your trades as many times as you can per day for the best results. Remember that advertising your trades will be one of the most important aspects of you being an effective trader.

Important information about items

Of course, the most important part of trading is the items themselves. It is important to know what you have in your inventory and what the true value of the item is. Here I will go through the many types of unturned items there are and how to find out the true value of the items you have and the items people want to trade to you.

Common items/playtime drops

Unfortunately for these types of items, they are mostly worthless with a few exceptions. Playtime drops are items that you receive from just playing the game and have a white or green background. Even though these items say they are worth $0.03 they are really not. By the time you try to sell one of these items, you will get only $0.01 after steam taxes. Some items with a green background may have some value but on the most part, people do not trade with them.

However, some drops like crates and gifts during holidays do have some value. Overall these types of items do not have much value but every once in a while you might get something of value.

Stockpile Items

Stockpile or Premium items as some people call it are the items that have a light green background. You can buy these items off the unturned store for $0.99 USD and certain outfits for $2-3 USD. Despite these items being bought for these prices in the store, they are not worth what you bought them for. You may ask why? This is because you can trade these items but you cannot sell them on the steam community thus have less value to people. So when you are trading these type of items with people they will normally not be 1:1 with a $1 marketable skin you will be trading with.

Other things you will have to consider when trading with stockpile items are the outfits. The outfits have several parts to them (usually 4 to 5) and they cost $2-3 USD. When you do the math you will find out that each piece is normally worth less than $1 so you will have to consider accordingly when trading just certain parts of outfits as the price depends on how many articles of clothing are in the outfit. In conclusion stockpile items are useful items to trade with as long as you understand that they don’t nessesarily par up with marketable items of the same price.

Marketable items

These types of items are the items that aren’t playtime drops but come from crates. They have backgrounds of green, blue, purple, and pink. The color backgrounds are correspond to their rarity, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary respectively. Yes, their is one more rarity called mythical but we will get to that in a bit. These items all have certain market price and just because one item has a higher rarity, it doesn’t nessesarily mean that the item will be higher in price.

These items are pretty straightforward on the most part as they are sold many times a day and the price they are selling for are pretty close to what people are putting them up for sale. The only thing that you may need to consider is that the newer the item, it will usually be more expensive. This means that the price will come down as more of them come into the market. Overall these items are very good to have as they have value to people and price checking them is pretty straightforward.


Crates and keys are another type of item I want to tell you about. A crate is an item that you can get from just playing the game, and the key is something that you can buy in the shop for $1. Some crates do have value and are worth holding on to them. If you do manage to get a key somehow it’s probably not the best idea to open the case as the item you will get will probably be worth less than the cost of the crate and the key.

Instead, hold onto these items and trade with them. Keys especially are of high demand to people trading and have a slightly greater value than $1 in a trade. Having them in your inventory will increase the likelihood of you getting a good trade. Overall crates may or may not have value but keys are especially valuable to have in your inventory as you can get good trade deals.

Mythical items

These types of items are the most rarest items and are the most difficult to understand and price. Mythical items are unboxed in a crate and have a red outline around them. With mythicals pricing gets a little tricky, that is why I am here to show you how to properly price them. When people are trading with you and mythicals are involved you will want to get to the steam community market page for that item. To get to this page you can either google search the item (it should be like the first search result) or in the trade you can click view in community market. In this example we will use the musical pineapple to show you how to properly price this myth at first this mythical may look like it is worth $49.69 and someone might say it’s worth that much, but it might not necessarily be worth that much.

You have to understand that the listing price is a price that someone is selling the item for. Which means someone is selling the item for $49.69 but it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone will buy it for that much. This is kind of like how someone could list a candy bar for sale for $49.69 but unless it something exceptional, it is not likely that someone will buy it.
Now that we got the listing price clear we can talk about the other price on the right which is the price that someone will be willing to buy the item for. So in this case, someone is willing to buy the pineapple right now for $5.00. So basically this is what the price on the right side of the item means.

So now that you see and understand the buying and selling price of an item, you might ask how to actually price the item. The truth is pricing one of these items can be kind of tricky as both the selling and buying prices can be quite misleading.
The rule of thumb I use to pricing mythicals is finding the average sale price of the item. To do this you can draw a line in the middle of the highest sale price to the lowest sale price. In this case, this myth has sold at a highest price of $13 and a low price of $6. So now you may ask what it is really worth?

Though that question may be difficult to exactly answer you can make a good guess by valuing it in the middle. By doing this you may not get a total 100% accurate valuation however you have some wiggle room to sell the item at a desirable price if you want to. So in the case of this myth, I would price this myth at around $9. This pricing approach can be used with other items besides mythical as well, so if you come across something that has limited sale history, I used this method to price items.

Putting it into practice

Now that you have some understanding of how to price certain kinds of items now you need to trade items with people. In this part of the guide, I will discuss how to trade items for a profit and increase the likelihood of getting good deals.

Trading for a profit

The key thing to being able to trade items for a profit is to have an item someone wants. If you have an item that someone want it is more likely that he would be willing to trade you an item that is worth slightly more than yours. If you trying to trade an item that someone does not want, move on and finde someone else to trade with, don’t waste your time. Trading for a profit all boils down to this priciple, there are no complex algorithms to learn here to trade for a profit, just having something that someone wants.

Dealing with people

Learning how to deal with people in certain situations is a very important aspect to being a sucessful trader. First off, be friendly to people: if you are nice to people they are more likely to be nice to you and send you a good offer. On top of this if you get a good offer from someone, consider adding them on steam and doing more trade deals with them. Learn to build relations with people so that you always have a group of people you can trade with.

While you will meet pleasent people while trading you will also meet a lot of unpleasent people. The best thing to do when you meet a unplesent person is to simply just ignore them. This is the best approach because if you fight back and flame with them you will only waste your time and get nowhere in trading. If it comes down to the worst you can always unfriend and block and unplesent person.

On a side note of encountering unpleasent people, be forgiving and offer them a second chance if they seem to have calmed down from whatever and are willing to negotiate with you. Being forgiving can help you get better deals and will make you look better in the long run.

Dont fall for scams. I know that all scams are different in some nature, however they all have one thing in common, they require you to do one unessary step outside of the steam trading window to get whatever you are promised. If you are trading your items away for free, you are being scammed, don’t do it!!! If you encounter a person trying to scam you immediately unfriend them and block them because scamming is not cool.

By following some of these guidelines they will help you increase the likelyhood of making a profit and makes you some friends down the road. You will quickly stop people from putting you down and being unpleasent by downright igonroing them. You will protect you profits by staying away from scammers.

This is the ending of Unturned – Trade Items Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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