UBOAT Console Commands

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UBOAT Console Commands

To open console press “~”

Very important enter CC with big latter.
Where “X” any value.
Budget X // Increase you money on 10k or you entered value.
Leak // Create random leak on you U-BOAT.
Reputation X // increase reputaion to buy upgrade.
Skip X Y // Y == (second, minute, hour, day) Skip in-game time w/out consume u-boat resources.
Teleport Z Z // Z == (Long, Alt) coordinates. For East long use “-Z”.
Weather C // C == (Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm) Change in-game weather.
XP X // Add expirience to your crew on board.

BombN/ADrop bomb on selected target
BreakN/AWill break a selected ship
BudgetNothing or amount
Budget 99999Add some money by default 10k
CompensateN/ANo Discription (NotTested)
DamageNothing or equipment name
Damage [name]Damages to selected or random component. If name w/o “/” – damage to PLAYER
DetectAny number
Detect 8 Constantly
Detect AllAdds a specified count of nearby contacts to the player’s detection list
DockPort name
Dock HelgolandDock you in port (NotTested)
EntityInfoNameWriting all entity parameters
EscapeN/ARun away all enemies? (NotTested)
InfectN/AInfect random crew member
LeakN/ACreate random leak on you U-BOAT
LeakDetectionN/APerhaps this command can save the game. Probably used to detect the presence of memory leaks. This command is not intended to be used by the player, but it can be used via the console.
MissionMission Start
Mission Start [name]
Mission Stage +[number]
Mission Stage [stage name]Mission Start
Mission Stage +1This command is not intended to be used by the player, but it can be used via the console.
PromoteN/AThis command is not intended to be used by the player, but it can be used via the console.
ReputationAny numberIncrease reputaion to buy upgrades
ScenarioScenario [name]Starts a specific scenario
SkipSkip [count]
Skip [count] [second | minute | hour | day]Skip 2
Skip 4 hourSkips specified time(days by default)
SpawnSpawn [Warships | Convoy | Transport | Submarine] [destination] [number] [is Spotted]
Spawn Convoy Liverpool 7 SpottedSpawn front on you groups of enemy
StartTaskStartTask [name]Start new mission
TaskTask Finish [name]Affected on mission status(NotTested)
Teleport [latitude] [longitude]Teleport
Teleport 25.11 25.11
Teleport -25.11 -25.11teleports player’s u-boat to a designated coordinates
TorpedoTorpedo [Nothing or name]Launch torpedo on selected target. If no ship selected, launches torpedo to hit the PLAYER submarine
TraumaSets discipline to 0
TravelTravel [EnginesPower] [Turn]This command is not recommended to be used by the player. Probably used to set selected ship AI.
WeatherWeather [Fog | Foggy | Campaign | Calm | Cloudy | Storm]Change in-game weather
WoundWound [nothing or name]Damage random sailormoon. Name must match exactly
XPXP [amount]
XP [name] [amount]XP 10000


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