Tropico 6 – How to Stop People Living in Shacks?

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How to Stop People Living in Shacks?

Living ins shacks is almost never productive. It’s generally hard refusing to move out of spite or laziness- they have nowhere else they can afford to live. 9 times out of 10, they’ll just build another shack.

Firstly, you should know that people need time to actually work at their jobs before they have money to move into a house, it’s not instant. You can click on the people living in shacks and see their current wealth, you’ll notice they need to work a while and save up for them to receive the wealth status a job provides

You must make sure they have housing near where they work. They leave their job when tired, they will only walk/move a certain distance before they are so tired they give up and live in a shack.

Shacks are generally caused by lack of housing. You can remove them, but they come back if you have housing shortages. It’s important to sure you have some housing available for a low cost. A tenement or two with rent set at $1 may not look pretty but it’s cheap, they’ll house your poor tropicans and it’s still better than a shack. Alternatively, if you can afford it, either slash the rents of your apartments or issue the free housing edict.

Housing needs to be near transportation (parking garage) or jobs, and affordable or free.

There’s also no welfare for old people or students, so if you don’t provide them with free housing they have nowhere to live (previous tropicos let you give social security to cover this)

This is pretty poor design since when you do end up trying to provide the free housing for the retired and the students it will end up being taken by rich people who are lazy and happen to work nearby

This is the ending of Tropico 6 – How to Stop People Living in Shacks guide. I hope it will helps you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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2 thoughts on “Tropico 6 – How to Stop People Living in Shacks?

  1. Lilly Pad Reply

    this is based on my experience with the game..

    If your citizens doesn’t have a job, they’ll become broke which in turn makes them homeless

    If they’re homeless and are broke, build bunkhouses with “Stack Higher” mode

    If you have a high unemployment rate, chances are more shacks will appear thus going back to my first point

    Always check the social status of some of your citizens

    Take note of this:

    Bunkhouse with Normal mode = Poor Citizens

    Bunkhouse with Stack Higher mode = Broke Citizens

    Tenements with Normal mode = Poor Citizens

    Apartments with Normal mode = Well-off Citizens

    Country House with Normal mode = Well-off Citizens

    House with Normal mode = Well-off Citizens

    Alternatively, you could also issue Free Housing

  2. Ben Reply

    If you are still in school study very very hard you can make it. If you are not in school no even simple qualificatuon than only the government can remove you out. Your self fogged it i know even some middle income people will struggle to get out and own a house they will just get out and rent. The government can possibly remove all shacks by expanding the whole settlement and divide it into plots and streets and give it to evry one. Then find another place for the remaining people because it ouveas they will not fit in a particular settlement. Moving out individually if you are young and still in school i would say study hard.If already out or old the opportunity is very very thin even impossible sometime.maiby you will save the small amount of money and start a particular business while you are Walking but most of the time it will fail. If you are drinking at the same time smoking and many girls fogged it. The Government and municipalities are the one suppose to ask this question not indivintual

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