Tropico 6 Entertainment Buildings Guide

Welcome, visitors. Tropico 6 game guide focuses on Entertainment Buildings Guide. This guide mostly consists of the tables with entertainment buildings parameters. Some of the parameters are not visible until building gets built, so it’s useful to have all of them in one place. On side notes I focus on service quolity as most important parameter; depending on your playing style you may need something else, like maximised fee. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

As you probably know that buildings have “work modes” and upgrades. Both change building stats, but upgrades cost money and are persistent while work modes may be changed. Also most additional work modes require research. Upgrades in the table below are marked with cursive.

Most buildings have base efficiency of 100%. But sometimes buiding (like Tavern or Cocktail bar) can receive location beauty bonus. In the table below it’s marked with (+loc) in “service quality” column.

In the tables below empty cell means that value is not changed with work mode or upgrade.

Some work modes or upgrades have a specific side effects, marked with (!) in the tables below.

Some buildings have complicated political work modes or upgrades. Marked by (!!) in the tables below.

Entertainment Buildings

List of Buildings

  • Acient ruins
  • Ancient ruins
  • Aqua park
  • Arcade
  • Beach resort
  • Bothanical Garden
  • Bothanical Garden
  • Cabaret
  • Cabaret
  • Casino
  • Childhood museum
  • Circus
  • Cocktail bar
  • Ethnic Enclave
  • Fast Food Joint
  • Funfair Pier
  • Funfair Pier
  • Golf course
  • Gourmet restaurant
  • Gourmet restaurant
  • Hang Gliding
  • Mausoleum
  • Movie theater
  • Museum of modern art
  • Night club
  • Opera
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Roller coaster
  • Scenic outlook
  • Snorkel bay
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Stadium
  • Tavern
  • Theater
  • Tour office
  • Yacht club

Colonial era

The Colonial Era is the first Era in Tropico 6, preceding the World Wars Era. Here main choise is “Tavern vs Circus”. Circus costs a lot ($4800 + $2400 for blueprint) but offers service quality 45. Tavern basic service quality is only 30, but it’s location dependent, so you can easily increase efficiency up to 150% and get almost same result as basic circus. Also you can build multiple taverns and avoid transportation problem.

Theater and Opera are too expensive to build. Note, blueprint cost for this buildings in the next era will be twice cheaper.

BuildingMode/UpgradeBuilding costUpkeep (Electricity)WorkersJob quality (Wage)VisitorsService qualityFeeWealth level
TavernLiquid Melancholy$1200243*40 ($6)1230 (+loc)$8poor
All-You-Can-Drink30 (-10)37.5 (+25%)
CircusClowns And Popcorn$4800$526*45 $73645$7poor
Beasts and Blood6$9
Wisards And Magic4235
TheaterClassical Staging$5300$586**50 $82460$15well-off
Opera$9880$92860 ($10)3675$?rich

World wars

The World Wars is the second Era in Tropico 6 preceding the Cold War Era After Colonial Era.

Bothanical Garden is useless, nobody except broke people will visit it.

If there is electricity, Funfair Pier is best for poor people, otherwice they will have to use circus.

Restaurant and Cabaret are the choice for well-off. Theater from previous era also can be used, but it has lower service quality.

BuildingMode/UpgradeBuilding cost (Blueprint cost)Upkeep (Electricity)WorkersJob quality (Wage)VisitorsService qualityFeeWealth level, tourists
Bothanical GardenPublic garden$4200 ($1050)$28245 $81630$0broke
Private garden$10well-off
Experimental garden (*)20
Funfair PierFun for big and small$7350 $1837$82 20MW645 ($7)2460$15poor, child
Extra round20%
RestaurantCloth napkins$2600$44445 ($9)1265$15well-off
Kids menu3525%+child
CabaretDance acts$5000$484**50 $101665$16well-off, cultural
Burlesque acts-1015rich
Political acts (!)-10

Cold War

Cold War is the third era in Tropico 6, comes after World Wars and before Modern Times. This brings useful upgrades for older buildings and a lot of new ones.

Theater gets a upgrade making it available for poor people. Restaurant, Cabaret and Funfair Pier get upgrades improwing quality, so they still may be used in this era.

Movie theater is best for poor people; Funfair pier still can be used. Also poor people will visit Childhood museum and Mausoleum; this buildings have specific political options, but are actually entertainment.

Cocktail bar placed in good location is best for well-off. Restaurant and Cabaret still can be used; also Snorkel bay.

Fast Food Joint and Arcade are useless. Theater (with upgrade), Night club and Casino have rather bad parameters.

Another useful things:

  • “National day” edict (Increase efficiency of all taverns and cocktail bars by 10%. Decrease crime safety by 8. Decrease standing with Religious faction by 10)
  • Gourmet Restaurant has a special work mode when it’s not actually an enternainment building, but adds bonus to diplomacy

Cold war (updrades)

BuildingMode/UpgradeBuilding costUpkeep (Electricity)WorkersJob quality (Wage)VisitorsService qualityFeeWealth level, tourists
Bothanical GardenButterflies+$30005+child
Bothanical GardenAir-coditioned dome+$5000+5MW10+relaxation
Funfair PierMore light+$2000+40MW10
TheaterImprov theater-20%poor
OperaPrima Donna+$1500+$2+$4
CabaretPlayback Equipment+$5000 +25MW10%

Cold War (buildings)

BuildingMode/UpgradeBuilding costUpkeep (Electricity)WorkersJob quality (Wage)VisitorsService qualityFeeWealth level, tourists
ArcadeOpen all day$2600 ($600)$ 10MW350 $61250$10well-off, child
Penny arcade45-$1+poor
Fast Food JointBurger as usual$2300 ($575)$28440 $52045$6poor
Oil cleaning system$300055
Free refill50$5
Movie theaterBlock buster$9440 ($2360)$47 20MW460 $82470$12poor
Political (!!)60
CasinoFair play$9200$74 25MW660 $92470$12well-off, thrill seaking
Cocktail barTropico libre$3400$33360 $71270 (+loc)$18well-off, relaxation
Upper class+$6+$6rich
Happy hour5-$3
Golf courseBeginner courses$12000$104445 $62060 (+loc)$30well-off, relaxation
Club Membership10+$10rich
No Green-Fee-5-20-100%broke
Childhood museum(!!)Nothing but the truth$7500$__4**55 $101660 (+loc)$0broke
Mausoleum(!!)<default mode>$28000$90 20MW4**60 $102060 (+loc)$0broke, cultural
Gourmet restaurantGolden Silverware$16000$148 15MW6**65 $181280$50rich, cultural
Wine Cellar+$25000+$10 +15MW10
Night clubNo Dress Code$9800$70 16MW450 $102065$32well-off, thrill seaking
High Roller Club100%550%rich
Snorkel bayPreserve the reef$3000$564**60 $101265 (+loc)$18well-off, thrill seaking
Allow wild catches (!)10+$8

Cold War (tourism)

Note, this buildings are “tourists only”

BuildingMode/UpgradeBuilding costUpkeep (Electricity)WorkersJob quality (Wage)VisitorsService qualityFeeWealth level, tourists
Scenic outlook$500$40445 (+loc)$0well-off
Coin slots+$3
Ethnic EnclaveTheme park$6600$24455 $61660 (+loc)$16well-off
Folklore festival-1033%+cultural
Souvenir ShopMeager Mementos$1320$19245 $71255$6well-off
Pretentious Kitsch10300%filthy-rich
Tacky Toys-550%+children
Tour officeTourist Information$2400$22345 $81660$8well-off
Acient ruins$2400$22345 $81660$8well-off
Ancient ruinsAlmost pristine$2500$32450 $101275 +loc$15well-off
Theme park exploit1510%+relax, + thrill seaking, +child
Archeological digging site(!)wage +$5300%filthy-rich

Modern Times

Modern Times is the last Era in Tropico 6, comes after Cold War.

Roller coaster is the best for poor people, but Movie theater and even upgraded Funfair Pier have similar service quality.

For well-off people Stadium, Hand Gliding, Yach club (with work mode) and Night club (with upgrade) all give basic service quality 80. So it may reach 100 if budget is increased.

Hang Gliding building has a special work mode that makes spy operations better

Museum of modern art is useless. However, it has a special work mode that increases efficiency of local schools and colleges.

BuildingMode/UpgradeBuilding cost (Blueprint cost)Upkeep (Electricity)WorkersJob quality (Wage)VisitorsService qualityFeeWealth level, tourists
Golf courseGDS+$5000+25MW105
Gourmet restaurantHaute Cousine$150%1020%
Gourmet restaurantSushi Mastery (!)$150%wage +150%10%+cultural
Night clubLaser show+$___+24MW15
Aqua parkFresh and clean$9000 ($4500)$50 15MW350 $61870$14well-off, relaxation
No children80no children allowed
Roller coastergFactor 1$9400 ($4700)$93 35MW350 $61870$24poor
Special momentum$30005+$3
gFactor 2 (!)+$5+$1
Best G ever (!)+$1575+$3
StadiumMay the best win$21000 ($10500)$304 60MW1250 $126080$48well-off
VIP Tribune$300055+$2
May we all win(!)+$10+$325%
Beach resortOpen door$5000$___455 $82065 +loc$12well-off, relaxation
Cocktail time50%1050%no children
Auto beach cleaner+$150010no children
Hang GlidingFly like the wind$4000$36250 $81275 +loc$20well-off, thrill seeking
Extra tour (!)+$102wage +$212100%
High Power Engine+$30005+$1
Museum of modern artRecent$17500$1254***75 $152070$36well-off, cultural
Modern master pieces+$10+$4no children
Yacht clubEasy sunset$11800$96475 $8895$160rich
Mucho importante25%4wage +50%10100%filthy-rich
Look but do not touch-50%4-15-10-50%well-off

This is the ending of Tropico 6 Entertainment Buildings Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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