Tropico 6 – Colonial Era Edicts Level 0

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus Colonial Era Edicts Level 0 for Tropico 6 game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Colonial Era Edicts Level 0

Edict Name

Level 0
Food for the People

Citizens consume two units of food when eating.
Increases the general food quality by 10.
Decreases capitalist standing by 10.
Increases communist standing by 5.

Church FeeVisitors to religious buildings pay a fee of $1.
Decrease the efficiency of religious buildings by 15%.
Decrease religious standing by 5.
Increases capitalist standing by 5.
No Free LunchCitizens need to pay $1 whenever they take food from a production or industry building.
Broke citizens cannot afford to buy food.
Decreases communist standing by 5.
Decreases religious standing by 5.
Increases capitalist standing by 10.
Mandatory SiestaIncreases job quality of each workplace by 15%.
Decreases the efficiency of all workplaces by 12%.
Decreases the pollution of all workplaces by 10%.
Urban DevelopmentDecreases the construction costs of all residential buildings by 50%.
The edict runs for 5 years and has a cooldown of 5 years.
Penal ColonyIncrease the immigration rate by 50%.
The chance of each immigrant being a criminal is increased by 500%.
You receive a monthly payment of $100
Child AllowancesChildren are not accounted for when determining the economic wealth of a family.
The edict costs $3 per child per month.
Employee of the MonthEmployees of mines and industrial buildings work double shifts as long as this edict is active.
The edict costs $350 per month.
Advanced Boat ServicesIncreases the upkeep of Teamster Ports, Tourist Ports, and Docks by 50%.
Boats, freighters, tourist ships, and cargo ships are 5% faster.

Free Housing

Citizens pay no rent.
Decreases capitalist standing by 15.
Increases communist standing by 10.

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