Transport Fever 2 – Mission: 1 Shinkansen Walkthrough (Chapter 3)

Transport Fever 2 game guide focuses on Chapter 3 Mission: 1 Shinkansen Walkthrough. The guide will give you also guide on how to get Campaign tycoon achievement. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Chapter III

The world is shifting closer together. The volume of passengers is exploding, the global flows of goods are multiplying.

Meet the logistical challenges before and after the turn of the millennium.

There are 6 missions. First one is Shinkansen



Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun: In the 1960s, as the horrors of World War II gradually fade away, Japan’s economy experiences an unprecedented boom.

Thanks to strict discipline and a will towards continuous improvement, the country is catching up to the industrialized nations of the West.

A fast-paced era!

Achievement :

  • Campaign tycoon

Earn all medals of the entire campaign.

Bonus Tasks

  • Sea Monster
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Horticulture

Video Walkthrough

Mission Tasks & Bonus Tasks List

1. Prepare Sections of Rail

Each route segment presents various difficulties, each of which calls for taking very specific measures.

Find out what needs to be done.

Find out what needs to be done at the tunnel construction site and at the bridge construction site.

2. Preparing the tunnel construction

Mountainous terrain stands in the way of level track routing.

Arrange test drillings for building tunnels.

Transport 80 stone from the drilling site to the stone heap.

3. Preparing the bridge construction

If the route is supposed to run along the straightest path, the mouth of Lake Hamana has to be dealt with.

Make preparations for building a bridge.

Deliver 80 construction materials to the bridge construction site.

4. Deliver Materials

The route is going to be subjected to enormously high levels of stress.

Large amounts of steel and concrete provide for the required stability.

Deliver 80 steel and 80 construction materials to the main office.

4.1. Bonus Task (If you accept)

Deliver Fish

A popular saying goes: Big fish don’t live in small ponds.

Process the fresh seafood from Fisher Tom’s Trawler… for sushi, sashimi and other specialties in Japanese cooking.

Deliver 10,000 fish to the fish central office.

5. Build the Rail

The nature of the high-speed route demands that a special standard is met.

Steep inclines and sharp curves are to be avoided.

Connect the stations in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka and build a bridge in the marked area and a tunnel in the marked area.

5.1 Bonus Task

Pinpoint the Earthquake

Something’s wrong here.

This can’t be any normal quake.

The epicenter of the tremors seems to lie somewhere out here in the ocean. Find out where, exactly.

Find the epicenter in the sea near Nagoya.

6. Taking measurements

Dr. Yellow makes sure that everything runs smoothly without a hitch. The yellow work train detects even the smallest defects.

This is especially important on bridges and in tunnels.

Perform the necessary test runs.

Travel along the whole railroad with Dr. Yellow and complete at least 2000 meters in tunnels and 1000 meters on bridges.

7. Testing emergency stop

All trains are equipped with sensors that automatically trigger an emergency stop in the event of an earthquake.

If the system happens to fail, the staff must be able to bring the train to a standstill as fast as possible.

Buy 3 Shinkansen and accelerate them to 90 km/h. Then stop them as fast as possible.

8. Bringing the maintenance crew

Every single car ought to be stripped down to its individual parts at regular intervals.

The hub office needs capable personnel to do this.

Hire 30 workers for the main office.

9. Optimize the Railroad

The increased passenger volume calls for several optimizations: The average speed needs to be increased, the route capacity enlarged, and waiting times reduced!

Increase the capacity of the line with more trains to 600, ensure waiting times below 45 and an average speed of at least 90 km/h.

9.1. Bonus Task

Create a Garden

The gardens are precisely planned down to the last detail. Each individual object must be in equilibrium with every other one. Create perfect harmony.

And the correct number of each type of stone and plant using the existing garden, and place them in the marked area.

10. Having financial success

Despite pleasing numbers of passengers, the construction debts are still far from paid off.

Transport even more passengers in order to improve your balance sheet.

Transport at least 400 passengers and pay off the construction debts in 5 installments of 20000000.

Click 5 times to PAY OFF 20000000 CONSTRUCTION DEBTS

10.1. Bonus Task

Avoiding the Seven Muda

Follow the teachings of Kaizen on the path to continuous improvement, and avoid the seven types of muda at your business operation.

  • Avoid the seven muda:

Businesses don’t throw away any goods %?

No overcrowded passenger stations

No half-filled trains

No overcrowded cargo stations %?

11. Satisfying customer needs

Happy customers are good customers.

Surveys have shown that potential for optimization exists in various sectors.

Passengers are complaining that train cars are too cramped, the train stations overcrowded, and about the lack of culinary options in the bistro dining car. What’s more, the trains ought to run more frequently.

Satisfy the customers by meeting their various needs

  • Satisfying customer needs:

Deliver food to the main

Deliver food to the main office ?/50

Train stations should not be overcrowded

Achieve minimal frequency  ?/120

This is the ending of Transport Fever 2 – Mission: 1 Shinkansen Walkthrough (Chapter 3) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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