Transport Fever 2 – Mission: 1 Magnificent Machines Walkthrough (Chapter 2)

Transport Fever 2 game guide focuses on Chapter 2 Mission: 1 Magnificent Machines Walkthrough. The guide will give you all main and bonus tasks for Chapter 2 Mission 1. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Chapter II

The new century has all kinds of exciting discoveries in store that will revolutionize the entire transport sector. Experience the rapid development in this inventive era.

Mankind is constantly creating amazing new inventions. Get involved in rapid technological progress and ensure smoothly running transportation in different regions of the world.

There are 6 missions. The first one is Magnificent Machines

Mission 1: Magnificent Machines

Although the century is still brand new, wondrous things are happening. Here and there, inventive minds are tinkering with very strange devices that have just one goal: nothing less than to defy gravity.

Among the leaders in the race to conquer the skies is the “Grande Nation” that we call France – at any rate, the venerable Montgolfier hot air balloon was invented here.

Bonus Tasks:

  • Batman
  • Mona Lisa’s smile
  • Beat the competition

Video Walkthrough

1. Producing machines

Make sure that your friend’s factory runs well so that he can invest the profits in developing his highly promising flying machine.

Supply the machines factory with steel so that it can produce 15 machines.

2. Completing a round trip

Thanks to your support, Mr. Bleriot has managed to design a prototype.

But even so. He doesn’t seem to put all his faith in the contraption yet and has asked you to give the first flight test a try.

Buy an airplane at the airfield in Paris and take off.

3. Selling the airplane

It flies! Hooray! What an uplifting feeling!

Except for the landing. A little more elegance would be nice.

Your friend will keep working on that. The French Aero-Club wants to purchase the prototype – or what’s left of it.

Sell the airplane.

4. Improving the engine

The motor drive, the brainchild of a decidedly eccentric Italian motorcycle manufacturer, could stand a few more modifications.

Bring the necessary parts to Mr. Bleriot’s workshop.

Deliver 30 machines to the airplane workshop.

5. Preparing for the air show

The time has come: You’re about to pit yourself against the Americans.

All kinds of folks are curious and set on watching this spectacle.

Establish a route in order to bring 30 spectators to the event in Le Mans.

5.1. Bonus Task

Following the clue

The trail leads to a group of artists.

They’re supposed to have pilfered the painting in protest at the elite’s antiquated appreciation of art and can be found in Reims.

Find the next clue.

5.2. Bonus Task

Following the clue

False alarm.

The artists claim that they adored the Mona Lisa. In fact, the search for the guilty parties should head in the vicinity of the Italian patriots near Dover.

They’re dead set on bringing the painting home to Italy.

Find the next clue.

5.3. Bonus Task

Following the clue

The Italian patriots don’t want to have anything to with this.

Incidentally, one of them recently saw a figure at night near the Louvre. Whoever it was hid something inside their coat and rushed to board the train to Le Mans.

Find the next clue.

6. Flying a course

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the event.

Show that you can do more than the Americans and fly a particularly daring route.

Buy an airplane at the airfield in Le Mans and land it at a minimum of 2 different airfields.

7. Selling the airplane

Your airplane marks out the most elegant curves imaginable!

The Yankees are bursting with envy. And the customers are already lining up.

Sell the airplane.

8. Improving the fuselage

The aircraft’s fuselage needs to be lighter and more aerodynamic.

This calls for specially produced wooden parts.

Deliver 20 planks to the airplane workshop.

8.1. Bonus Task

Sabotaging the competition

Hubert Latham has set out on a practice flight in his spare plane.

Meanwhile, the model he wants to use to venture leaping across the English Channel stands unguarded in the hangar.

A good opportunity to make a few ‘’modifications’’ to the competition’s airplane…

Keep tabs on when Latham is furthest away from the airfield. Sabotage the airplane so that Latham has to make more test flights.

i If the sabotage is exposed, then Latham will gain confidence and make fewer test flights.

9. Preparing for the flight

What a fabulous flying machine!

Now you ought to rustle up more fuel so that the plane doesn’t run out of juice halfway across.

Deliver 35 units of fuel to Calais for the event.

10. Selling the airplane

A brilliant achievement! You’re the pride of the nation!

Except that your friend is taking it badly that the honor of crossing the Channel wasn’t given to him.

From now on he’s going to keep his hands off flying and stick to designing aircraft. Because they’re a hot item now.

Sell the airplane.

11. Delivering fuel

Monsieur Daniel, an aviation enthusiast from the petroleum industry, is tinkering with a new blend of fuels. Help him by providing your services. He’ll return the favor by filling up your tank.

Deliver 35 units of fuel to the airplane workshop.

11.1. Bonus Task

Delivering wood

The Austrian needs fine, pliable types of wood for his bat suit.

Obtain the desired material.

Deliver planks to the Austrian’s workshop.

11.2. Bonus Task

Delivering champagne

Goodness gracious!

The contraption that the Batman intends to fly with doesn’t look very airworthy.

Protect him from himself.

Steer him away from his crazy plan by giving him champagne to get him thinking about something else.

Deliver champagne to the Austrian’s workshop.

12. Preparing for the event

It won’t be long before the grand Right Week starts.

The organizing committee needs help with the preparations.

A grandstand needs to be built for the guests. As for the beverages, no one should be left high and dry!

Deliver 3 5 planks for the stand and 30 bottles of champagne for the event to Reims.

13. Competing in flight week

We’re off!

Guests from all over Europe want to marvel at your flying skills. Even the president is here.

Show the audience your stuff and win First Prize in the long-distance race.

Buy an airplane at the airfield in Reims and fly it at least 2000 meters.

13.1 Bonus Task

Saving the Austrian

Oh, no! The good man is three sheets to the wind and gung-ho.

He’s already climbing up the tower.

Take precautions to make his landing a soft one.

Place a haystack under the Eiffel Tower to save the Austrian.

14. Making a decision

Various interested parties want to place a large order with your friend Bleriot.

Newly established flight training schools are showing interest. The same goes for flamboyant thrill-seekers and, of course, the military.

Which order should your friend accept first?

Decide which type should be produced.



15. Running a flight school

Mr. Bleriot has decided to not only manufacture training airplanes: He’s going to open his own flight training school, too.

Give the bold, aspiring pilots their first flight lessons.

Complete flights with 5 people at the airfield in Reims.

16. Completing the race

With your help Mr. Bleriot was able to design the ideal airplane for the London to Paris race.

A large number of magnificent men with their flying machines from all over Europe waits at the starting line.

Show them which nation truly masters aviation.

Establish a route from the airfield in London to the airfield in Paris and complete a flight.

This is the ending of Transport Fever 2 – Mission: 1 Magnificent Machines Walkthrough (Chapter 2) guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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