Transport Fever 2 How to fix Deliver Cargo issue

Transport Fever 2  game guide focuses on one of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) which is My Bus/Train/Ship/Plane doesn’t want to Deliver Cargo. The guide will show you how to fix. We hope that this guide will help you.

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My Bus/Train/Ship/Plane Doesn’t want to Deliver Cargo

Transport Fever 2 (like it’s predecessor) is demand driven. For Cargo to be transported on one of your lines, a factory that produces cargo must see a buyer on the map for it’s cargo. That might be an Intermediary factory or the End Consumer in a Town.

Unlike in Transport Fever, cargo chains DO NOT have to be completed. You can deliver Logs from a Forest to a Sawmill. But unless you find a way to transport the planks the Sawmill produces to a Tools Factory or a Machine Factory, the Sawmill won’t upgrade and the demand of the Sawmill will be limited.

To Transport Cargo, you must have a valid route or path from the Source to the Destination, which may be a single line. Or may also involve multiple lines and multiple forms of Transportation.

You can easily have a truck line hauling Crude Oil to a Harbor, have that Crude Oil shipped by ship down to a second Harbor, picked up on a rail line to be transported to a town where it gets loaded onto a second truck line to reach the Refinery.

Reasons why Cargo doesn’t show up to be transported:

Wrong Vehicle Type: Make sure you are using the right vehicle type. The right vehicle type should list when you purchase it that it can haul the specific cargo. Even experienced players can get this wrong.

Wrong Station Type: Trying to deliver or drop off cargo to a passenger terminal or stop won’t work. With that said, you might get a warning/notification that the vehicle can’t use the particular stop, or you might not.

Alternatively, when dealing with mixed passenger/cargo stations, you MUST make sure when you setup the line, that you click the cargo Icon/Symbol, rather than the station itself, otherwise you may inadvertently assign the line to stop at the passenger part of the station.

Stations/Industries Not within the Catchment area: When you click on a station all other stations or industries within range of the station should light up with a white color. It doesn’t matter how far away a station is, as long as the station lights up.

Attempting to make Two Consecutive “Hops” via Catchment area: This can happen if a station is within the range of two industries in a chain. The assumption is that cargo can hop from say a Coal mine to a Truck Station, and then hop a second time to a Steel Mill that happens to also be within range of the station. Cargo can only make a single hop (from Coal Mine to Station) before it MUST BE loaded onto one of your vehicles. When the cargo is later unloaded, it can make another hop via catchment area.

This can be the cause of cargo taking an unusual or scenic route. Let’s say you are dropping off Food to a town, and drop it at a station on the outskirts of town. Now, let’s say you have a second station nearby that has a line running somewhere else (let’s say to an Oil Refinery by truck), but you have Commercial buildings within range of this second station but not the first.

Normally you might have Crude Oil jumping aboard this line to be delivered to the Oil Refinery, but you start to see Food showing up on this line as well, which should only ever haul Crude Oil towards the refinery and possibly Refined Oil back to the station to be transported elsewhere. Because this second station sees demand for Food that the First station doesn’t, the Food Processor will treat this as a route to supply more Commercial demand.

This is the ending of Transport Fever 2 How to fix Deliver Cargo issue guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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