Total War: THREE KINGDOMS How to Unlock Zhou Yu

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How to Unlock Zhou Yu

I got Zhou Yu at around the year 200, maybe earlier as that is just a guess. My game went roughly like this.

Took the starting army and captured Jiangling. Built up the starting army, my economy, and another small army while I waited for the Liu Biao/Yuan Shu events to fire. Did some trades for money per turn as well. Traded excess food, etc.

Once the small army was mustered I sent it towards the Changsha trade port and captured it, and then went further downriver to the Lujiang fishing port.

At some point during this the event fired and I went to war with Liu Biao because I kept the seal (the item is too good to let go). I immediately killed Cai Mao (his other vassal sat in his city), and then I waited for Liu Biao to show up. When he did, I beat his army and peaced him out for a profit.

While that was going on my smaller army was still marching downriver and captured the Lujiang lumber mill. Liu Biao declared war once again so I had to keep my main army near Jiangling until I beat him again. Once I peaced him out for a profit I sent Sun Jian south to secure the Changsha Commandery.

Now at some point during all of this, not sure exactly when, Cao Cao declared war on me. Right about the time I finished securing Changsha, Cao Cao showed up near the lumber mill with a full stack so my smaller army had to run (I upgraded the mill but the new troops were not replenished). I ran in normal stance and recruited Sun Ce into that army. Pretty sure the army was Sun Ce, Cheng Pu, and Lu Fan.

After Cao Cao captured the mill he continued marching south hot on my heels while I ran to the Lujiang fishing port, recruiting units on the fly. He eventually attacked the port. I beat him, captured him and Xiahou Dun (records mode), and let them go. Cao Cao didn’t want to peace out.

After that I just continued securing land to my east and south. Zhou Yu showed up shortly after I spanked Cao Cao. I’m not sure what, if anything, I did.

This is the ending of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS How to Unlock Zhou Yu guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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