Total War: THREE KINGDOMS How to Unlock Lu Bu Guide

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Characters in THREE KINGDOMS touch every part of the campaign game. They are the generals of your armies, inhabit key posts in your faction hierarchy, boost productivity in your commanderies, engage in espionage on your behalf, and grant benefits to every aspect of your game, both on the campaign map and in battle.

Characters are complex. They have different personalities, different drives and motivations, and build relationships – both positive and negative – with those around them. You must attend to their needs in order to keep them loyal, and shield them from situations which will dissatisfy or endanger them.

After short descp. of characters, here is the guide.

This guide tells you How to get Lu Bu as your faction Leader at start of the game.

How to Unlock Lu Bu Guide

The Steps;

Turn 1 (As either Ma Teng or Liu Biao) Divorce Wife.
End Turn

Turn 2: Talk To Dong Zhou, Receive Marriage for Lu Bu and your recently divorced wife.
Make Lu Bu Heir
Suicide Ma Teng or Liu Biao
Lu Bu is now your faction Heir.

Video Tutorial

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