Total War: THREE KINGDOMS How to Cancel Trade Deals?

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Trade Influence

The higher your trade influence, the more you will profit from any trade agreement with another faction.

When a trade agreement is arranged, the share of the overall profit is split according to the two warlords’ trade influences value. For example, if warlord with a trade influence value of 100 strikes an agreement with a warlord whose trade influence value is 200, the second warlord will make twice the profit from the agreement each turn than the first warlord. Everybody profits, but the more influential trader gets the better deal!

Trade agreements between factions provide mutual access to the trade resources owned by both factions. Such resources are key to constructing certain buildings.

How to Cancel Trade Deals?

You can cancel a trade deal that you made.

Hit trade/ diplomacy button and in bottom right

There is a red x you can click to cancel existing deals.

And that’s it.

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