Total War: THREE KINGDOMS How to Cancel Diplomatic Agreements?

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How to Diplomatic Agreements?

Improve/Reduce Attitude

There are many factors which improve or reduce diplomatic attitude.

Generosity through gifts of money, long-term peace, and being part of the same alliance all boost diplomatic attitude for example. Being at war, doing deals with a faction’s enemies, and trespassing on another faction’s territory without first seeking a military access agreement with them are some actions that will reduce attitude.

Quick deal

The quick deal menu shows a list of many common diplomatic options available at any given time, and with who.

It’s a time-saving way of sorting which faction leaders which will definitely do particular deals, which faction leaders might, and which faction leaders won’t even entertain the idea. Multiple deals can be secured with multiple factions in a very short time via the quick deal menu.

To arrange a deal with a faction leader marked ‘maybe’, the player will have to negotiate.

How to Diplomatic Agreements?

If you go to negotiate with them;

You can click the cancel option where it usually shows last agreements with them.

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