Total War: THREE KINGDOMS All Classes Guide for Beginners

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Class Guide for Beginners


Characters fall into five different classes, each of which has its own strengths and optimal roles in battle and campaign.


Champions are skilled one-on-one fighters, making them excellent in duels. Resolve is the Champion’s key attribute, boosting his health in battle, and population growth in any commandery where he is the assigned administrator. The Champion’s skills tree contains resolve-based skills which improve their melee damage output and confer a powerful splash attack. Champions work well when grouped with polearm infantry.


Commanders excel at inspiring troop on the battlefield, but are less well-suited to melee and duelling. Authority is a Commander’s key attribute, boosting factionwide character satisfaction if he holds a ministerial post at court, and enhancing unit morale in battle within his command aura. Commanders work well when grouped with melee cavalry


Sentinels are strongly defensive characters and excel at locking down enemy generals and holding the line. Expertise is the Sentinel’s key attribute, aiding their melee evasion chance in battle and reducing construction costs in any commandery that are assigned to administrate. The key expertise-based skills in their skills tree improve their melee evasion, ranged block chance, and melee damage capabilities. Sentinels work well when grouped with polearm and melee infantry.


Strategists unlock formations for units in their army and are able to severely impair the efficiency of enemy units and characters in battle by unlocking debuff abilities in their skills tree. Cunning is a Strategist’s key attribute, improving the ammunition levels in his retinue and boosting his army’s military supplies. Strategists are the only characters capable of recruiting artillery. They are fragile in combat and cannot duel. They are best stationed with ranged units.


These fiery warriors excel at punching through troop lines and therefore work well when grouped with melee and polearm cavalry. They are less well-suited to duelling, and Instinct is their key attribute, improving their melee damage and reducing recruitment costs for their army. The Instinct-based Vanguard skills in their skills-tree debuff enemy morale, improve their melee damage and confer a powerful splash-damage attack.

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