Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Advanced Tips Tricks and Mechanics List

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Advanced tips, tricks, and mechanics. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Advanced tips, tricks, and mechanics

This is a list of tips that are either not very well known to players or that newer players may not have discovered yet. In this section, I’ll quickly list the tips so everyone can get a quick look for anything that interests them and I will go into more detail on most tips in their own sections.

1. You can click backspace to stop movement of your army at any time. This can be used to keep an enemy army from running away by attacking them and then stopping near them.

2. You can press ‘R’ to speed up the movement of armies on the campaign map as well as on the battlefield.

3. You right-click a person in Diplomacy for quicker negotiation and hover over the ‘Propose Deal’ on the negotiation screen to see any factions it would affect your standing with.

4. At the top of the Diplomacy screen there is an option called ‘Quick Deals’ that will let you propose deals and see what factions will accept them or not, or if they can be persuaded to accept them.

5. After selecting to upgrade, demolish, or convert a building, an option in the shape of a tiny coin appears on that building allowing you to speed up the process by paying more money.

6. Corruption is a mechanic in this game where you lose a percentage of your money from taxes and it can RUIN your income. Make sure to properly fight corruption if you don’t want to go into debt.

7. There is an option at the top of the screen called treasury. When used it allows you to change your tax rate which improves/decreases your income from taxes, your public order, and your food production in all commanderies. In the bottom left corner of each commandery, there is also a check-box that says Tax Exemption. This can be used to lose all income/food production in order to increase public order.

8. While looking at a commandery, in the bottom left corner there are buffs and debuffs that affect the commandery. This is a good way of seeing what you should or shouldn’t build there.

9. Check ‘Traits’ on characters. Traits make some characters better at a particular task then others. For example, Zhang Fei is ‘Energetic’ which gives him an extra 5% movement range and has a skill called ‘Reach’ which adds another 25% movement range, thus making him a better Commanding General than someone who only has ‘Reach’.

10. Check for Ancillaries with set bonuses. Hovering over the bonus will tell you if you own all pieces(equipped or not). Some sets or even just Ancillaries have amazing effects so there are a lot of ways to use them to your advantage.

11. In early turns, look for opportunities to marry good units into your faction before they are taken. You can divorce your characters wife to do ‘Receive Marriage’ if you can’t find a single lady to do the job.

12. You can Swap Units to upgrade an army to better units or different unit types rather than Disbanding them. This also gives you more units to start with so they don’t take as long to muster/replenish. This also takes advantage of any bonus levels you normally get when “recruiting”.

13. You can Recall a General to keep the General and his units, but not have to pay upkeep on them. You can Re-Deploy them later and they will have the same units.

14. Generals that are Administrators and aren’t currently in a deployed army have their Retinue added to the garrison of the city they are the Administrator of for no upkeep cost.

15. You can lower Re-Deployment cost by 25% up to 75% by having a General with the ‘Flexibility’ skill as your Faction Leader, Prime Minister, and/or Heir. This can be further improved to 100% or beyond by building 5 ‘Training Camp’ and/or by using Reforms.

16. You can have all your units start at level 7, Level 8 if Infantry or Archer Cavalry, and level 9 if Melee/Shock Cavalry or Peasantry by having your Faction Leader, Prime Minister, and Heir have the ‘Understanding’ skill, building a ‘Training Camp’ then having your units recruited/swapped there, also having a ‘White Horse Fellows Raiding Parties’, and having the proper Reforms for Infantry, Shock Cavalry, and Peasantry. Theoretically, you could get level 7 of any unit/8 Peasantry units by Turn 15 if you do things properly.

17. You can reduce recruitment costs by 116% and Upkeep by 90% on Cavalry by taking the 4 ‘Horse Pastures’ in the north and upgrading them to max, then mixing that with a ‘Blacksmith’ building and getting the proper reforms.

Stop Enemy from Running Away

You will often encounter enemy armies that run away every time you try to fight them. This can get SUPER annoying, especially if you haven’t improved your movement range and they are using Forced March. To counter this, you can press the Backspace key to stop your units movement.

How does this work? Well when you hover over the enemy unit, you will see that it has a circle. This circle is generally used to indicate it’s reinforcement range, but also determines whether or not it attacks your unit when it moves. If your unit is in this circle during the enemies turn, they are forced to either stay still or attack it.

Here is the issue, you can’t enter this circle without attacking. But once you’ve attacked, the enemy is given the option to Withdraw. The solution to this is the Backspace. If you attack the enemy unit, wait until your unit has entered their circle, but haven’t attacked them yet, then click Backspace and leave the unit where it is; the enemy will not be allowed to move from it’s current position and will either attack your unit or encamp itself. If it encamps itself, then you attack it next turn and then attack it again if it attempts to run away.

Doing this, enemies will no longer be able to run from even the slowest of armies provided you can get close enough to attack at least once.

Press ‘R’ to change speeds

Whether on the campaign map or the battlefield, pressing the hotkey ‘R’ will change your units movement speed. On the battlefield, this will speed up or slow down your units by causing them to sprint forward. This will activate your Charge but will also cause your units to become fatigued.

However, most people don’t know you can use this on the campaign map as well. If you press ‘R’ while on the campaign map, it will cause all army movements, both yours and the enemies, to speed up. They won’t become fatigued but it will save you time watching them so your games pace will pick up a little bit.

WARNING! If you are trying to use the previous tip to attack an enemy who is running away, you will have trouble timing Backspace correctly if you speed up your units so try to have armies at regular speed when using this trick.

This is the ending of the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Advanced tips, tricks, and mechanics. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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