ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove Achievement Guide


Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain How to play ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Standard Achievements

A Timely Splash

Save yourself from burning up by jumping in the water

Backer Visitor

Visit a backer character

– Easy enough; they generally appear on small islands just off the edge of the main bit of land on the level.

Boom Box Baby

Use The Boom Box 4 times in one game

Boom Box Wipeout

Pop 8 or more Earthlings who are dancing at a boombox

Can’t Touch This

Beat normal or hard mode without dying

Cleaning Out Santa’s Sack

Catch Santa 3 times in one game

Elf Chaser

Catch 5 elves in one game

Flying Present Catcher

Collect a locked present

Food Taster

Eat every type of food in one game

Fool Me Twice

Go for a ride in the Evil Elevator twice in one game

Found All The Backers!

Visit all backer characters

Gimme My Presents Back!

Pop a mole who has stolen one or more of your presents

Harsh Love

Make other player snap out of being in love by slapping them

Hey, You Did It!

Complete hard mode

Hi Fiver

Hi-Five another player 3 times in one game

I’m A Total Saint

Use Heal Friend Present on another player 10 times in one game

Is This Really Possible?

Beat normal or hard world without opening a single present

Mad Hatter

Unlock all power hats

Made It Through

Complete a random world game

Map Explorer

Uncover all the map tiles for 3 levels within one game

Nine Funkotronians

Play as each of the playable characters

Old School Jammin’

Play as both old Skool TJ and as Old Skool Earl in a single game (co-op)

Pacifist Victory

Beat normal or hard mode without popping a single Earthling

Piece O’ Cake

Complete a fixed world game

Rhythm Star

Beat the 5th level in Rhythm Matching

Ridiculously Generous

Give a life to another player 3 times in one game

Struck By Love

Get hit by Cupid’s arrow 5 times in one game

Sunflower Master

Hide in sunflowers 4 times in a game when being chased by an Earthling

Teamwork Rules

Complete a game with a friend (local or online)

The Worst Possible Luck

Open an unidentified Major Randomizer, Total Bummer, or Instant Demotion after level 20

Thrill Seeker

Open unidentified presents 15 times in one game

Truly Evil

Send an identified bad present to another player

Wakey Wakey

Make other player wake up by shouting at them

Why Do I Keep Doing That?

Have 10 broken presents blow up on you

Hidden Achievements

99 Problems (But A Buck Ain’t One)

Have 99 bucks

Achievement Achiever

Description to be added

Beaten By A Little Girl

Get killed by a Little Girl with a Teddy

Fall Fest

Fall off levels 5 times in one game

Feet On Funkotron

Get to secret Funkotron Level via a secret doorway

Flying Present Ultimate Catcher

Collect all of the locked presents

FunkLord Power

Reach the rank of FunkLord

Gotta Get ‘Em All

Pop at least one of every bad Earthling type in one game

Hate That Randomizer

Open the Major Randomizer or Baby Randomizer 3 times in one game

HFZ Goober

Hit and leave through the very first exit in the HyperFunk Zone

I Can’t Believe I’ve Done This

Get a game over before level 3

Level Diver

Get to hot tub island

– Use an item which allows you to travel across/above water, such as an Innertube or Icarus Wings, and head directly south of the starting island on level 1 to find another island with a hole in it. Fall through the hole to reach level 0 and get this achievement.

Lord Of The HFZ

Reach the end of the HyperFunk Zone

Totally Bummed Again

Open the Total Bummer twice in one game

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