Tiny Tanks – Beginner’s Guide

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Beginner’s Guide for Tiny Tanks. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Tiny Tanks – Beginner’s Guide


You know , from tutorial , that you can move in any directions and dash.
I think you even know that dash can be used to dodge bullets.
But what about double-jumping?
Yes you can double jump by simply doing these steps:
1.Place a mine
2.Step on it
3.Make your tank look straight up or at direction you want to go


Fun fact: Did you know , the first (British) tank , mark 1, could shoot up to a 6 860 meters(22506,5617 foots)!
So , you know you can charge you shot , or shoot right under your tank.
But , did you know that:
1.Bullets can trigger mines?
2.Damage increases when you charge shot longer?
3.Bullets can knock enemies?
4.Knockback increases when you charge shot longer?
5.(not confirmed, sorry)Explosive shots can knock you up?
6.If you charging shot too long it will fire like you just pressed button once , but also you will hear someone’s laughing (at you)


There’s nothing special to say : you can use them to knock , damage people , or use it to your movement advantage.

Random tips

There, I will talk about some random mechanics/tricks of the game.
1. You can knock other tanks out of the “Dome”
2. Even your mines damage you


This is the ending of Tiny Tanks – Beginner’s Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun

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