Thea 2: The Shattering Islands

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Thea 2: The Shattering Islands. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Build a ship

First of all, in order to travel to the other islands, you’ll need a ship. These are easily built from the Crafting>Buildings menu while camped – but be mindful that once you build the ship you’ll be carrying it around in your inventory, adding to your encumbrance.

Additionally, your ship will have a set group carry weight for when you’re sailing, based on the materials and amount of essence used to craft it. Note that if you exceed this new group carry weight when embarked on your ship, you’ll suffer standard movement penalties – but you can still sail.

Once you have a raft or ship crafted, note that you can only embark from coastal tiles. Meaning you must first move your party to the coast, and then you’ll see an anchor icon appear in adjacent water tiles. You can’t move straight to embarkation from inland, even if you have the movement to do so.

The Islands

Generally speaking there’s usually a trade off for abundance in some type of resources, for a scarcity of other types of resources. This may influence where you choose to create a settlement, or which factions you’re looking to pursue relationships with.

Let’s warn you, Thea is generated randomly – so please keep that in mind, as each walkthrough will give you some variation. It’ll be updated this with more walkthrough.

Listed the islands in order of difficulty below.

Minimap colourFaction settlements presentTier 3 Resource availableScarce resources
Slavyan IslandBlackSlavyans & Scavengers (Humans); Stingers (Sentient animals)N/A – Tier 1 & 2 OnlyN/A
Isle of DarknessPurpleSpirit Talkers (Goblins); Shadow Kin (Corrupted elves)DragonboneNo Gems & limited Metal
Icy RealmBlueIce Demons (Dziad Mroz, Sniezynka); Shadow KinDiamondsNo Bones & limited Wood
Volcanic LandsReddish-brownAlpha Clans (Orcs); Night Demons (Striga, Werewolves)ObsidianNo Leather & limited Wood
Metallic IslandGreyEarthbound (Dwarves); Night DemonsMithril; it is possible to get a random additional T3 node spawnRarely any wood; but I’ve had very different levels of other resources on different playthroughs
Ancient ForestsGreenWoodland Kin (Elves); Forest Demons (Leshy, Borowy, Vily)Ancient Wood; Mythical LeatherNo Stone or Metal

Other factions

Just a couple of final notes on factions.

  • Not all the factions listed above will have visible settlements in every game you play (but you may still have faction loyalty changes through events).
  • Lightbringer faction settlements can spawn on any island I believe – and they are always unfriendly unless you make certain story decisions.
  • Water Demons. While I’ve seen no pre-existing settlement for them – it is possible for a quest location to become a permanent settlement for them through a questline that begins while sailing.

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