The Witcher 3 – How to Make Money

Base Game & Hearts of Stones Expansion

Method 1

-Go to White Orchard.
-Close to the Woesong Bridge, there are couples of locations where you can find Pigs. (Marked with a red circle on the map)

-Now what you want to do is, go close to them and cast an Igni sign on them.

-Meditate for 1 hour. (You don’t need to go someplace else to meditate.)

-Then the pigs will respawn.

-Cast an Igni sign again.

-Do this until the respawning stops.

-Then go to the other location.

-Do the same thing and when the respawning stops again go back to the first location and repeat.

-When you are done, loot all the Pig hides and Pork.

-Fast travel to Hierarch Square in Novigrad.

-Then go to “Olivier” the innkeeper. (Location is marked with a red circle on the map).

-Sell all the Pig hides you collected.

-He will give you 9 Crowns per hiding!

-You can also sell Pork you collected if you want but I would rather keep them to regenerate my vitality when it’s low. (He will give you 4 Crowns per Pork).

Method 2

-When you unlock Skellige, travel to the locations marked as “?” in the sea.

-Kill the monsters you find there.

-Loot all the chests.

-Sell the things you find to an Armorer or a Blacksmith. If they ran out of money, meditate for a few days and they will restock.

Method 1 is faster & easier than Method 2 but you will probably do both of them. Killing Pigs and monsters will boost your XP level but not in a great margin.

Blood & Wine Expansion

This is the hardest part. There are overall 6 Witcher School Gear Sets including the Manticore Gear Set you can find in B&W expansion. Five of them can be upgraded to the Grandmaster Level. For this you will need plenty of money.


-For this Method, you need to find Hanse Bases in Toussaint.

-There are 3 Hanse Bases (marked with red circles on the map) and when you find the first one, the game will inform you that.

-Before you enter a Hanse base, make sure to be equipped with the “Whirl” skill and enchant your Steel Sword with Severance Enchantment. You can also use Ekhidna, Ekimmara, Water Hag & Alghoul decoctions. That will make killing the bandits a lot easy.

-When you attack a Hanse base, one bandit will run away to light a torch to call the reinforcements. Don’t kill him and let him do his work.

-Then kill all the bandits you find in the base but DO NOT KILL THE BANDIT LEADER! This is very important. Therefore make sure to make a manual save before you enter a Hanse Base. If you kill the Bandit leader by mistake, you can load the save you made.

-Then loot all of them and fast travel to the nearest location and then fast travel back to the Hanse base (you can meditate for few days if you want but fast traveling is easier and faster).

-This will trigger the bandits to respawn. (If you kill the Bandit leader, bandits won’t respawn.)

-Then you can do the same thing until your inventory becomes full.

-When you had enough loot, go to the Grandmaster Smith and sell the loot. Keep in mind that though, the loot you sell will make his inventory full, so it will take some time to load the Shop menu.

-Then repeat the procedure until you get enough Crowns.

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