The Wild Age FAQ – Crash Fixes, Gameplay, Graphics Card, Consoles

The Wild Age game guide focuses on FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Crashes Fix, Gameplay, Graphics Cards, Consoles and so on. This is an official FAQ written by developers of the game. We hope that this guide will help you.

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  • Failed to Start the Game

The game requires a 64bit OS – the game cannot run on 32bit OS.

  • Failed to Start the Game (Missing Executable)

I see the error “Failed to Start the Game (Missing Executable)” when launching a game through Steam. What can I do?

This error results from the improper delivery of necessary game files. Please follow the steps below to initiate a small download of the missing content:

1. Completely exit Steam.

2. Navigate to your Steam installation folder (~C:\Program Files\Steam)

3. Delete the ‘appcache’ folder.

4. Restart your computer and attempt to launch the game through Steam

  • The game behaves strangely and before the last update was all right.

Please verify the integrity of game files in the Steam Library for The Wild Age. Sometimes it happens that the update will not be downloaded correctly – or a bad set of game files will occur.

  • Problem with game settings

Try deleting gaming registers – How to do it.

  • Really very small FPS

1) Check that your computer really meets the minimum requirements.

2) Check to see if there are not run many other applications in the background that consume performance.

3) It is possible that the game has started under integrated graphics (most of today’s PC has integrated VGA/GPU in base on the motherboard and serves as a saving of energy)

How to do it.


  • Will spring come again after winter?

Yes –

  • Where’s my pet?

At present, the pet is only a cosmetic element. Surely it has just roamed somewhere behind you and trying to follow you up.


  • It looks as a game series I cognize – is it legal?

Yes, it’s true.

Everything is absolutely legal and does not violate any law. This is a spin-off or evolution of a genius concept.

More info.

  • What Game Engine is The Wild Age developed in?

The Wild Age is developed in Unity 5 with many personal optimizations.

  • How big is your development team?

Our studio is extremely small.

The basis is only one person. But we also have external people when we needed.

  • Will The Wild Age come to Console?

If everything goes well, then yes.

We would like to release the game to PS4, XONE, and Switch.

But at the moment we can’t promise anything.

  • Will there be multiplayer or co-op in The Wild Age?

Unfortunately, no.

Deleting gaming registers

1) Turn off the game

2) Search “regedit” in your Windows and run it

3) Search in registry tree for -> “HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / McMagic Productions”

4) Delete folder “The Wild Age” inside “McMagic Productions” folder.

5) Run the game

  • How to set a default graphics card

Inside, your laptop or PC will be a processor (or CPU) and this will probably have its own graphics capabilities – commonly known as integrated graphics because it’s baked onto the chip. It means your computer can run a display without any help but for more demanding tasking like gaming, a dedicated graphics card is more appropriate.

Most PCs and some laptops will have a dedicated graphics card and means that there’s a choice of which to use. By default, your computer should pick the integrated graphics for lighter tasks to save power and automatically switch to the full-blown GPU when needed.

Unfortunately, this happens even if you have in bios or anywhere else integrated graphics permanently turned off.

  • It looks like a game series I cognize

Yes, it’s true.

Everything is absolutely legal and does not violate any law. This is a spin-off or evolution of a genius concept.

As we write on the main page:

The Wild Age is inspired by the “Kingdom” game series, and we do not intend to keep this a secret. At first glance, it may be a mere conversion of the game into 3D, but the opposite is true.

From our point of view, it is as more about the evolution of a very interesting concept which deserves further development.

We want to offer players similar gameplay but enriched with new features which we find interesting and beneficial for the game as a whole.

We love the original game, but the concept deserves some enlargement.

The basis must remain the same (that is what the concept do it).

But we want to add more elements + mainly to involve the community and their possible ideas.

The first changes are already implemented in the game and are described on the main page.

And yes, we have informed the authors of the original game.

And no, the authors of the original game are not connected (at work, personally or at another level) with our game.

We want to bring this concept to players who do not much like the 2D style of playing and are also more casual.

This is the ending of The Wild Age FAQ – Crash Fixes, Gameplay, Graphics Card, Consoles^guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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