The Walking Dead: The Final Season – All Achievements Episode 1

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on All Achievements Episode 1 in The Walking Dead: The Final Season game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

All Achievements Episode 1

Act 1

– Tickle Monster – (Missable)
When Clementine is looking where the Piano sound is coming from and she finds AJ and Louis, You will have an option to tickle AJ. Choose that and that will unlock the achievement.

– Nothing Wasted – (Missable)
When you get asked for help to deal with the walkers outside the walls, Louis will show you how it’s done by killing a walker with a trap, you need to do the same thing by using all 4 traps to kill walkers. (Don’t knife any of them only use the traps)

 Social Butterfly – (Kind of missable)
When you tell AJ to apologize to Marlon he won’t do it until you talk to more people so you’re going to need to talk to everyone around the courtyard.

  • Ruby, alone by the fireplace.
  • Violet & Tenn by the graves.
  • Mitch & Willy, whittling wood into a spear.
  • Louis & Omar, by the cooking pot.
  • Aasim, writing in his chronicle book.

– End of the Road – Complete Act 1 (Unmissable)

Act 2

 Good Girl – (Missable)
Start of Act 2, Rosie (The Dog) comes in the door and scares you and AJ, then Marlon comes in and tells you not to be scared and to trust him. (TRUST HIM!)

Now this is where achievements get split into the two timelines you choose one of, you’ll have to restart to get all of them. (Go fishing with Brody & Vi / Go hunting with Louis and Aasim)

Fishing Timeline

– Lost Love – (Missable)
When you enter the cabin to get spears, you’re going to need to check on AJ so he can ask you about the artwork on the wall.

– Upstream – (Missable)
When you go out of the cabin to talk to Violet, you need to spear 3 fishes in a row. (The first one is easy and slow, the second fish is faster, the third fish IS A LOT FASTER. Just be patient and hit them all)

Hunting Timeline

– Where’s the Candy? – (Missable)
You need to hang out with Louis and hit the trapped walker, you’re going to have three shots and you must hit all of them to get the achievement.

– Rabbit Season – (Missable)
You need to hang out with Aasim to hunt rabbits with the bow, you need to shoot two rabbits. (the grown adults)

– Fitting In – Complete Act 2 (Unmissable)

Act 3

– Scavenger – (Missable)
Get all the six collectibles in this episode to get this achievement. (I posted the collectibles below)

– To Make It Look Nice – (Missable)
At the beginning of Act 3 when Clem and AJ return to their beds. Place all the six collectibles in this episode to get this achievement.

– Protector – Complete Act 3 (Unmissable)


This is the ending of The Walking Dead: The Final Season – All Achievements Episode 1 guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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