The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse All The Trophies Guide and Walkthrough

Welcome, visitors. The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse game guide focuses on all trophies guide and walkthrough how to get all. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

  • Pay Respects

“Visit the grave of a failed Sword of Ditto”

Pretty straight-forward. Just head over to the grave of the previous Sword.

If the previous Sword failed, their grave is in the graveyard. If successful, their grave is in town.

  • Let’s Get Stickin’

“Equip a Sticker”

Stickers are acquired through enemy drops, stores/npcs, or trading. If you obtain a code, then go to Lik’s Sticker Shack at the Town, talk to Lik, and scan it (free).

  • Play Time

“Find a Toy of Legend”

Toy dungeons are the ones with the blade of a sword sticking out of the ground. Complete a toy dungeon by beating the boss inside, and a chest will spawn. Inside that chest is a toy required to progress in other areas of your current playthrough.

  • Really Crate

“Open a crate”

Head on over to the beach, always at the bottom of the world. You can find crates by the shore. There are up to 2 beach areas, and they can be separated or joined together. One of them will have the lighthouse. Inside, you will find Arfur, who will open crates for you. Crates contain random items.

  • A Change in Fortune

“Meet Serendipity”

Once you find a shrine (whale icon), you need to offer 8 celestial fragments (yellow crystals) to activate. Quickest way to get celestial fragments is by slaying enemies. Once the shrine is activated, Serendipity will appear. Activated shrines remain activated across playthroughs.

  • One Anchor Down

“Destroy one of Mormo’s Anchors”

In Trial Dungeons (marked as a torch on your map), once you kill the boss, an anchor (purple crystal) will appear. It’s just an object, and does no damage. Destroy the anchor by attacking it. Keep in mind that if you destroy an anchor you will not be able to get the “Iron Sword” achievement, until your next playthrough.

  • Swapsies

“Swap a Sticker with someone on Ditto”

If an npc (only applies to humans) has an exclamation mark “!” above their head, then you can trade stickers with them.

– Once a sticker is traded, you can’t get it back from the npc

– You can only trade with that npc once per playthrough, but there are more npcs you can trade with

– Npcs will give you a sticker in the same category and the same rarity as the one you give them.

  • Defeat Mormo

“Defeat Mormo for the first time”

Once you reach Mormo’s level, time runs out, or you skip straight to the final day (sleep in your bed), you will then have a chance to fight Mormo. Destroying Mormo’s Anchors (giant purple crystals in trial dungeons) will weaken Mormo. Bring plenty of food for healing, as the dungeon takes a while to complete.

  • First Grading

“Complete a Dojo”

Inside the dojo, there will be a hole you can drop down through. Defeat all enemies, and keep dropping down, until you get the achievement.

Dojo entrance

If the dojo entrance is blocked, read “General Information” at the top of this guide

  • Anchors Aweigh!

“Destroy all of Mormo’s Anchors in a story”

There are only 2 anchors (giant purple crystal) per playthrough. Destroy both of them.

  • Collector

“Equip a limited edition Sticker”

Limited Edition stickers are the rarest/best quality. They have a yellow/gold line around them in your stickers menu.

Limited Edition stickers can be obtained by

– getting a sticker code, and scanning it at Lik’s Sticker Shack

– trading with Ock

– buying from Lik at Lik’s Sticker Shack

– buying from Flopp inside the church at the graveyard

Note that you can swap unwanted stickers with other npcs (see “Swapsies” achievement)

  • Play Another Day

“Reverse time by a day”

Head on over to any 1 of the 3 shrines (whale icon on your map) and select the “Time” option to rewind time by a day. Purchasable with celestial fragments (yellow crystals). If none of the shrines have the “Time” option, then you’ll have to wait for your next playthrough.

  • Thanks for Offering

“Complete an Offering”

Head over to the Altar

If it’s night time, the altar will start glowing. Begin a ritual by offering any item. Defeat all enemies, until a chest appears. Toys, and other weapon items (inflatable decoy, red mine, etc) give 3 chests when completing an offering.

If you have defeated Mormo, see “Fate Unlocked” achievement

  • Sticker Connoisseur

“Get a limited edition Sticker from Ock”

You can find Ock inside Ock’s Cave. The cave will have an entrance that looks like an octopus (Ock). Trade 3 stickers with Ock to obtain 1 sticker. The sticker you obtain depends on the rarity + amount.

There are 3 types of stickers

Common stickers have no color around them, trade 3 for 1 rare

Rare stickers have a blue line around them, trade 3 for 1 LE

Limited Edition stickers have a yellow line around them, trade 3 for 1 LE

There are also 4 categories (Head, Body, Sword, and Arm)

If you give 3 of a specific category, you will obtain 1 sticker in that same category

If you are unable to enter, read “General Information” at the top of this guide

  • Iron Sword

“Defeat Mormo with all of her Anchors active”

As long as you don’t destroy any of the 2 anchors, you can go about this in 2 ways

  1. On your main save: Level up, ignore the anchors, stock up on food items, and defeat Mormo
  2. Make a new save, and use your bed to skip to the final day, and defeat Mormo

You can just skip to the final day on your main save, but you run the risk of losing your progress, if you die.

  • Collect the Set

“Equip 12 limited edition Stickers”

Trade stickers with Ock.

3 Commons = 1 Rare

3 Rares = 1 Limited Edition

4 categories (Head, Body, Sword, Arm)

3 of the same category = 1 of the that category

You need 1 Limited Edition Sticker on all 12 slots. You need to level up to increase the amount of slots you have. Make sure to keep your needed stickers for the next playthrough with Serendepity. Otherwise, they will be lost.

  • Log Finder General

“Find all of Ditto’s History Logs”

These logs/tablets can be found in any chest. If you equip the “Book” sticker, it will “increase the likelihood of finding story tablets”

  • Fate Unlocked

“Break the Curse of Ditto”

When you defeat Mormo, you obtain an icon.

Every time you defeat Mormo, you can offer an icon at the Altar.

Once you complete the 5th icon offering, and the 5th light appears, you must defeat Mormo once again. Afterwards, you will be guided to the “True Final Boss”. Defeat it, and you get the achievement.

Note: Defeating the “True Final Boss” does not erase any of your progress, it’s just a different ending.

  • Bombastic

“Upgrade your bomb capacity to maximum”

Talk to Pengu in Pengu’s cave. Pengu will ask you to find his penguin buddies. They are pretty fast runners, and you have to get super close to catch them. Avoid any pathways on the map, as Mormo can summon a slimy purple wall, which forces the player to stop moving, while the penguin can get away. If you have “the nemesis” in your playthrough, wait for it to spawn in the area as this can also mess with chasing/catching a penguin. Easy method for catching penguins further down.

If you are unable to enter, read “General Information” at the top of this guide

Max capacity is 50. Penguins only spawn outside.

You can either run around the map and drive yourself crazy


Go to any small area on your map. Keep entering and exiting that same area, until a penguin spawns.

Examples of good areas to exit/enter and force spawn penguins

(Entrances/Exits across from each other)

  • Toy Master

“Find all Toys of Legend”

You need to have the following toys in your inventory:

  1. Golf Club
  2. Yo-Yo
  3. Vinyl Record
  4. Drone
  5. Conker
  6. Bowling Ball
  7. The Foot
  8. Laser Ring
  9. Bow
  10. Henshin Super Suit

Get #10 last. The order or how you obtain the first 9 toys does not matter. The easiest method to get any toy is to offer a toy/weapon at the Offering Altar, and complete the ritual. Make sure you finished both toy dungeons, before attempting this. You can offer either toys or weapon items, like the inflatable decoys, mines, etc to spawn 3 chests. Each of the 3 chests may contain one of the required toys.

Once you obtain the super suit, keep offering until you get any other non-required toy.

If you already had the super suit, then remove it from your inventory by offering it. Now keep offering, until you obtain the super suit. Now, continue, until you get another non-required toy.

This is the ending of The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse All The Trophies Guide and Walkthrough guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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