The Outer Worlds How to Find HPS Delivery Unsuccessful Item

The Outer Worlds game guide focuses on where to find HPS Delivery Unsuccessful for Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel Quest Walkthrough. Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel is one of the Quests in The Outer Worlds and HPS Delivery Unsuccessful is a Quest Item in The Outer Worlds. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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You can read Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel Quest Walkthrough end of the guide.

HPS Delivery Unsuccessful

HPS Delivery Unsuccessful in The Outer Worlds is a Quest Item. Quest Items are items that are found and/or used by the player to advance certain Quests or to access locked areas. Quest items are usually obtained through finding, exploring, and looting it from specified areas of a Location, killing Enemies, and are given by NPCs.

HPS Delivery Unsuccessful Information

  • Can be shown on the HPS building to obtain the quest item Gold Lapel for quest Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel

HPS Delivery Unsuccessful Location/Acquisition

  • Can be found at the Estates District in Byzantium during the quest Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel

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Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel Walkthrough

Speak to Celeste Jolicoeur in Prosperity Plaza of Byzantium and agree to help her to obtain this quest. Acquire Iconoclast Armor and Headpiece, Marauder Armor and Headpiece and Spacer Armor and Headpiece and model them for her.

When looking for these Armors look in the description of the Armor as it will tell you what type it is. You can find the description below the Mod Slots of the Armor.

Example outfits:

  • Marauder: Patched Low-Pressure Helmet, Makeshift Low-Pressure Suit
  • Iconoclasts: Leaded Armor, Full Cranial Helmet
  • Spacer: Water Resistant Wear, Casual or Streetwear, Basic, Enclosed Padded Helm or Mark 7 Cranial Protector

After modeling these for her, she’ll ask you to gather some materials. The Primal Leather can be gained from the Primal Nest in Emerald Vale. If you still need more, head to Scylla. Raptidon Flank Hide and Mantiqueen Chitin can be found on Monarch. You can also purchase these two things from Sebastian Adams in Stellar Bay.

When you return these materials to you, you gain 2,312 XP. You will then be tasked with retrieving a Lapel from the HPS. You will gain Writ of Consent that gives you the right to retrieve the item. Head there and speak to Olive Yates. She’ll tell you to go to window B. Speak to Wanda Chen in window B to learn the parcel is already out for delivery.

Head to the nav marker in the Estates District and read the note left on the door to learn that the parcel is now back at the HPS, you’ll get the HPS Delivery Unsuccessful quest item. Speak to Wanda Chen again and she’ll tell you to head to window A. Speak with Olive in Window A and show her your verification to receive the parcel and the Gold Lapel quest item. Then head back to Celeste.

You’ll find Guard Command over her corpse inside her shop. You’ll find out that she was executed by the guards for making illegal clothing. This will net you a further 2,312 XP. Loot her corpse to gain Celeste’s Key. Inside her office you’ll find Chimaera, a Unique Armor and the quest will conclude granting you a further 10,300 XP.

This is the ending of The Outer Worlds Where find to HPS Delivery Unsuccessful guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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