The Outer Worlds How to Find Docking Bay Terminal Codes Item

The Outer Worlds game guide focuses on where to find Docking Bay Terminal Codes for Why Call Them Back From Retirement? Side Quest Walkthrough. Why Call Them Back From Retirement? is one of the Side Quests in The Outer Worlds and Docking Bay Terminal Codes is a Quest Item in The Outer Worlds. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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You can read Why Call Them Back From Retirement? Quest Walkthrough end of the guide.

Docking Bay Terminal Codes

Docking Bay Terminal Codes in The Outer Worlds is a Quest Item. Quest Items are items that are found and/or used by the player to advance certain Quests or to access locked areas. Quest items are usually obtained through finding, exploring, and looting it from specified areas of a Location, killing Enemies, and are given by NPCs.

Docking Bay Terminal Codes Information

  • This item is used in the quest Why Call Them Back From Retirement?

Docking Bay Terminal Codes Location/Acquisition

  • Acquired by accepting the quest Why Call Them Back From Retirement? and talking to Hortense Ingalsbee

Hortense Ingalsbee Location

Hortense Ingalsbee is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game.

She can be found at Byzantium

Why Call Them Back From Retirement? Walkthrough

Gain this quest from speaking with Hortense Ingalsbee in Byzantium.

Head to the retiree area which is near the Byzantium Freight Port Landing Pad. Either fast travel there or take the elevator down. Use the terminal there to unseal the door, then head into the Early Retirement District.

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There are some things here that you can examine that tell you about the Retirement Program. Use the terminal up ahead to consent to the rules and regulations of Early Retirement. Head down the elevator and you’ll gain 9500 XP and you’ll find corpses everywhere with robots cleaning them up.

You’ll be attacked by waves of automechanicals and will have to kill them all. Once you do, use the terminal. You can Hack (65) automechanicals and unseal the Hatch to the Maintenance Tunnels. Head into them.

Once inside fight your way through many more automechanicals (unless you disabled them with hack) and open the Lockpicking (55) door to find loot if you, can otherwise head through the door on the right-hand side of the main room. Make your way to the other end of the Maintenance Tunnels and take the elevator back up to Prosperity Plaza.

Return to Hortense and you can Lie (35) to get her to head to the Retirement District where she will be killed or you can tell her what is going on. If you tell her she will say that it’s brilliant, but you’ll get negative The Board reputation. You can Intimidate (60) her to pay you more and you will gain 2,188 Bit Cartridges and 28500 XP. If you Lie to her you’ll gain 1,125 Bit Cartridges and 28500 XP. Lying to her will also net you The Board Reputation Up.

This is the ending of The Outer Worlds Where to Find Docking Bay Terminal Codes guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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