The Legend of Bum-Bo Trinkets Guide (Trigger Chances)

The Legend of Bum-Bo game guide focuses on Trinkets Guide. This guide contains a description of every trinket including trigger chances or other not written behaviors. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The Legend of Bum-Bo

When Bum-bo’s only coin is stolen by a mysterious entity and pulled down into the sewer, Bum-bo finds himself facing droves of deranged enemies, lost children, his fears, and eventually the beast that stole his beloved coin.

Trinkets Guide

This guide contains description of every trinket including trigger chances or other not written behaviors.

General information

This guide contains spoilers about trinkets like how they work, so if you don’t want to spoil yourself the fun, come back when you beat the game several times and want to gain deeper knowledge. I’ve based on version 1.0.4 and I’ll try to keep it updated. If you find some inconsistency or if something needs to be better explained / is missing, please tell me about it in the comment section.

Percentage Based

NameDescriptionTrigger ChanceAdditional Information
AAA BatteryMay Gain Movement10%
AAMay Gain Movement Off Kills25%
AretyKills May Heal10%
Bag O SuckingGain Mana when you Hit!50%May activate when you deal a DMG
Bloody BatteryMay Add Energy Steal to Attacks25%May activate when you deal a DMG
BreakfastHeal on 1st Turn50%
Curved HornChance of Damage Up???Probably broken
Drakula TeethMay Add Life Steal to Attacks10%Adds 0.5 HP
MagnetMay Gain More Coins33%Doubles room reward
Moms PhotoMay Add Blind to Attacks25%
Mysterious BagMay Add Splash Damage to Attacks25%
Nega CrownLowers Champion %15%
Nine VoltItems May Gain Charges25%
Pink EyeMay Add Poison to Attacks25%
PinkyMay Gain Wilds On Kills33%
Rat HeartMay Gain Soul Hearts25%Adds 0.5 Soul Heart
Rat Tail10% Chance to Avoid Attacks10%
Santa SangreMay Gain Life from Kills10%Adds 1 Soul Heart
Sharp NailEnemies May Take Damage Moving10%
Soul BagMay Gain +1 Move On Kill!25%
Stray BarbEnemies May Take Damage10%There is a change to perform counter attack on hurt
Super BallMay Add Knockback to Attacks50%
Swallowed PennyGain $ on HP Loss25%Adds +1 coin
TargetRaises Crit. Chance15%
TweezersMay Add Mana Gain to Attacks50%
Wet DiaperMay Gain Bonus Movement25%

Usage Based

Those trinkets are gone if usage counter drops to 0.

NameDescriptionUsagesAdditional information
BoomHits All Enemies1
Brown TickLowers Charge of Item1Works for spells which requires more than 1 energy. Pernamently lowers required energy by 1.
DeathHits All Enemies1Deals 1 DMG to all enemies
ExperimentalRandom Stat +11Permanently adds +1 to random stat
Hierophant+2 Soul Hearts1Adds +2 Sould Hearts
Modeling ClayCopy a Trinket1Duplicates random trinket.
Rainbow TickReduces Spell Cost At Random2
The Devil+1 Damage1Adds +1 DMG. Reverts DMG stats after leaving the room.
The FoolTeleport to Start1
The HermitTeleport To Shop1
ThermosCharge Any Item1
The StarsTeleport to Treasure Room1


NameDescriptionAdditional Information
Airplane GlueForget Spell CostsRellols spell cost
Bag of LeechesBag of Leeches???
Bag-O-JuiceGain Mana when Hurt!Adds +1 each mana
Bag-O-TrashMana Costs Change!Rellols spell cost
Black CandleCurse Tiles Don’t DamageDeals 3 DMG
Black MagicAttack with Curse TilesDeals 3 DMG on matching curse tiles
Blood BagGain +1 Damage when Hurt!
Bone SpurBones Deal +1 Damage
Butter BeanKnockback EnemiesFires after entering a room
Cash GrabMore $ RewardsGives additional 1 coin after clearing a room
Coin PurseMore Coin RewardsGives additional 1 coin after clearing a room
Colostomy BagFree Poop ThrowPlace 1 poop after entering a room
Egg BeaterKills Reroll BoardShuffles bord on kill.
False TeethGain Grey ManaAdds 1 grey mana.
FeatherFree Spell at Low HPAt 0.5HP, charges one random spell
FractureFree Bone ThrowThrows bone after entering a room
GlitchWhat will it Be?Rerolls all trinkets at the start of a room
Goodie BagGoodie BagAdds +2 each mana
Heart LocketMore Red TilesPlaces additional 2-5 Red tiles on the board at the beginning of a turn
Hoof+1 Movement 1st Turn
Mystic MarbleTeeth Deal +1 Damage
NorovirusPoops Hurt Enemies!Placing poop deals 1 DMG
Nose GoblinMore Green TilesPlaces additional 2-5 Green tiles on the board at the beginning of a turn
One Up1up!Ressurects character with his starting red and soul hearts, disappears after that
Painful BagPainful BagAdds +1 puzzle and spell DMG on hurt
Pink BowGain Soul HeartsAdds 1 Soul Heart after clearing a room
PlungerMore Brown TilesPlaces additional 2-5 Brown tiles on the board at the beginning of a turn
Puzzle PieceWilds Give More ManaAdds +1 mana per wild
Rainbow BagSpells Change Each Room!Rerolls all spells at the start of a room
RibMore White TilesPlaces additional 2-5 White tiles on the board at the beginning of a turn
SampleMore Yellow TilesPlaces additional 2-5 Yellow tiles on the board at the beginning of a turn
Silver SkullGain Mana from KillsAdds +1 random mana
Sinus InfectionBoogers Deal Damage
Small BoxStart with ManaAdds +1 mana to 3 random types
Steam SaleItems on Sale!Reduses price by 1 coin
Stem CellHeal on Room ClearAdds 0.5HP after clearing a room
Stout HiddenBag Of Feast And FamineDrains mana each round but multiplies mana icome by 2
Three Dollar BillStart With A WildPlaces 1 wild on the board at the start of room
Toilet SeatGain Yellow ManaAdds 1 Yellow mana
TurdyGain Brown ManaAdds 1 Brown mana
Turtle ShellTake Less DamageBum-bo takes 0.5 DMG instead of whole 1
Used TissueGain Green ManaAdds 1 Green mana
White CandleRemove Curse TilesRemoves curses from the board

This is the ending of The Legend of Bum-Bo Loaf Trinkets Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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