The Isle – How to Fight

This is a guide for how to play The Isle and it will give some basics to fight in that game.


Stand your ground and don’t back off. When a Trike or Shant don’t let them get behind you. if Anky or Stego try and get them behind you and don’t let the Carnis scare you threaten and scare them, they might just back off. If something smaller like a dibble or a Maia first try and out run the Pred if that doesn’t work get behind it and butt ride it. This may not work all the time but it may bleed to death later. If you are a smaller herb and you come across a pred you should try to run and hide, if cornered juke them and try and get as many small punches as much, if they are not an apex they might back off, if they are an apex, your screwed. if you’re a para your best bet is running if not try and keep them in your sights and stand your ground, never face away from what you’re fighting. if it is a giga that can catch you try and run zig zag in some trees. If you’re a Theri just keep hacking the thing to death, this bird is not to be messed with. This is it for Herbis.

Carni Hunting-Fighting 

Spino: this big bad boy is a mean killing machine with the new update making it a deadly foe of the Rex. When hunting, it is best to be near water as this gives you the element of surprise. If you have to do a 1v1 or head on fight try and bleed your target to death as the spino is not the best man fighter. Yes, it has a lot of health and good bleed restance but when your leg is broken and that rex is buttriding you, say goodbye.

Rex: This is the all mighty T. Rex. The most feared apex in the game. This thing can kill and kill. With the Rex Nerf they are starting to hunt in packs now. The Rex is the only Dino (right now) with leg brake, giving it an HUGE advantage. Fighting as the Rex you want to brake their leg and do charges. If facing something that can’t do a lot of damage just face tank it to death.

Giga: This speedy boy is fast and has a really good bleed. With the new updates, it now has way more stam and speed than the rex. The main thing you want to do with the Giga is an ambush and bleed. This thing cannot just face tank like the rex it has to make its prey bleed to death. If cornered or can’t run away try and get hit at least as possible and when you make them bleed taunt them and make them chase after you, making the bleed worse and them dying slowly. After a few bites and if they keep standing they should die and you got yourself some food.

Acro: This is like the Pluto of the apexes, on some servers it is on some, it is not. This thing has bad stam and health but a deadly bite. They are always on the hunt and here are some tips to help you score your next kill. As an Acro you are a very good ambusher, but you need to save up that stam, as you have less than a Rex. But with this quick burst of speed and quick big bites taking to prey is easy. Simply what you do is run up bite than keep doing that till your stam is gone. Then taunt and keep them standing. if they charge you don’t back down and keep biting. the Acro has a faster bite than the rex so after a few blows your prey should be down.

Sucho: The new sucho is amazing and can catch up to anything. No more being the slow guy, This is like a smaller spino and hunts like it. Hunt by water and if you find yourself in a 1v1 the new sucho is a tank with good bleed. Just try and face tank if it is something bigger just try and get behind or run in from the sides.

Allo – Carno – Cearto – Bary – Dilo: These 5 all have really good bleed. But what they lack in size they gain in speed. The Carno being the fastest Dino is a good ambusher that should just bleed its prey out. it is very slippery and can Doge almost all attacks, just never slow down keep charging until they can’t hit you. As the Allo you’re not as fast but you have a strong bite. The allo can kill a Carno if the Carno doesn’t get behind. the Allo is very deadly in packs and can take down prey by charing 1 by 1 un-till the prey is down. As the Cearto and dilo the newest dinos (right now) they are being reworked alot but the Dilo has the best NV so night hunting is the best for the dilo. it also has super good bleed and speed. but it has very weak skin. The cearto on the other hand is a tank and can kill allos carnos and dilos no problem. The cearto’s best fighting Strat is to just face tank its prey or try and bleed it. The bary is kinda a weaker sucho and hunts the same as it. The bary is just way weaker and sould just try to run away from most things. If fighting tries and bite its butt and bleed it as the bary does mostly bleed damage and it kinda is just like really weak.

Utah-Herra-Austro: These 3 are the weaker of the dinos and cant kill very much, but don’t stop that from being annoying. The Utah though can kill up to Allos or Maia in a pack. A lone Utah can’t kill very much but the utah is amazing at jumping and dodging attacks. These are like the clean up crew.

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