The Isle – Dilophosaurus Guide

Basic guidelines

To start, this guide counts that you know some basics about this game; I won’t start to pinpoint every other dinosaur and how they perform compared to you: to be clear, anything except juvies have their fair chance to kill you at day.

First of all, let’s get this straight: you are not an apex. This is the most important thing to have in mind, and all your gameplay are going to revolve around this. You are a forest dweller, you dwell forests to survive, and you are pretty good at this. Your size make the camera kind of convenient for this environment, and that’s something at your favor, for all big Carns have a hard time chasing when you nosedive into the trees. If you hear or see another big carnivore, just turn 180° and run, there’s nothing to win, and all your progress to lose.

At juvie, you do not stand out, so you will stick to very basic tactics and luck. You will hunt when around 50% hunger, the rest of the time just go stealth mode, sit under a tree or in a bush.

When trying to go unnoticed remember that is more important to hide your head than your body, you will be surprised how many people I’ve seen hiding their full body in a bush, just to have their heads sticking out with those delicious glowing eyes. Your body or tail can very well hide under elevation terrain or got mistaken for a rock or log.

If you are in a very active area, wait until night to travel and/or drink, your night vision is fairly good for juvie, and you do well against them too, so with a little of luck, you will have no problem reaching adult stage.

I’ve seen a lot of people starving with psittacosaurus broadcasting around. Don’t underestimate tacos, they are a good amount of food for juvi dilos, and they have saved me a couple of times an adult. Learn its call, and learn to hunt em, is worthwhile. When I started to play this game, I used to mistake tacos for ambience sounds, it sounded like a crow for me, so I’m not surprised others people do it as well.

Did you come across other juvie? well, the fight is quite easy for you. Anything that can out damage you can’t outmanoeuvre you, and vice versa. If they manage to get the first hit or two, and/or you are playing bad, you will have a rough time, but you still have a chance.

And that is because your game is called bleed; once you manage to get at least 1 stack, the game is at your favour. Even at juvie stage, your bleed is something to fear, I’ve managed to bleed out a giga with just 2 or 3 bites, and then luring him to keep chasing me.

Run is the best 🙂

As stated before, there is no record of venomous dinosaurs, yet, the developers actually tried to conciliate this idea buffing the total damage output of dilos bleeds, with the excuse that is actually an active component of dilo’s saliva that prevent wounds from coagulating. Presto!

Most people think that combat on this game is quite straight, rock-paper-scissor like, and that is probably true when you have 2 brainiacs face tanking each other and biting the heck out of the air. But this is not a case for dilos, and that’s because there are a few mechanics that happens when you try to bleed out somebody.

Remember these things:

-bleed damage output can be enhanced with stacks, up to 3

-sitting will heal up part of the bleed damage, but it still happens

-running increase bleed damage

Time and pacience are your best buds here, try to get your bleed running, don’t rush to get the 3 stacks, because you are going to make mistakes and that’s how you get your tail mauled most of the time. I know this is hard, because our flat bite damage is not that good, even as adult, and at first sight, It would seem that you are not doing any damage at all, don’t fall for this, your bleed does tons of damage and its duration makes a good asset for keep chasing your prey once it goes away, due to its speed or just because you don’t want to deal with it. Any bite beyond the third and forth is really an unnecessary risk if the prey is fighting back.

If they crouch, just get some distance, they are going to get the damage output up if they run, this is the best thing they can do. When they sit, just run to them, don’t actually go for the engage, for most people will lure you with a fake sit to try to snatch at you, and you are no fool, you play dilos after reading Mckuden’s guide.

If you see there’s no more bleed animation, just go for a stack or two, at this point you can trade some damage for a fresh corpse.

This fights usually ends with the enemy realizing your bleed is gonna end em more sooner than later, they will just sit and let you stack free, or just stand there, where you can enrapture their tails.

As an adult, forget what you know about juvie fights, the game turns upside down for you. You can be out manoeuvre and out damaged at the same time, you do not excel either at velocity or endurance. But you win an ability that people use hacks to achieve, and that is your matchless night vision.

Dilophosaurus At Night

Your night vision and your bleed damage make you a total overlord during the night. You will be amazed by how many times people will just run in front of you or even towards you.
But still, don’t relax, you still leave footprints and little mistakes can end your reign, for adult dilos are not very durables.

Also, if you are having a hard time navigating at night, I suggest u spend a few spawns as gallimimus and try to learn the map during the day.

Your game at night is hit and run tactics, guerrilla warfare. You have learned how to manage bleed as juvie, you know what to do; now add the fact that you can see em while they are blindfolded trying to anticipate your actions.
Apex and things like olds paras or trikes are out of your league, but you are a ghostly visage for everyone else. Use the night shroud at your favor, try to get their backs, and never engage without ambush speed, don’t let them sit, and if they do, punish them for that, just remember: you have all the night, and more importantly, never engage face to face, you can’t exchange hits with most of your preys, its a bad trade for you, and usually ends with an impending doom.
Anything from mid tiers carnivores as yourself, to fairly big herbs such as adult Maias or diablos, are in the menu.

You can have a really fun time dealing with packs or herds. Due to your low health pool, you cannot risk getting injured going for the same objective over and over.
Bite at anything that is not facing you, just don’t risk much. Well organized groups will round and get backs together, if they manage to get a good position while their wounded ones heal, you would be better off wandering, or going after IA if your hunger is under 50%.
but most of the time, they will just fall into chaos; I remember chasing alone a herd of 3 or 4 diablos free stacking them when they just sit randomly to try to heal, killed 2 of them quite easily.

Be careful at dusk and dawn, for is dark enough to be annoying, but bright enough to see further than the most effective night vision, that is actually, yours. If you activate night vision and start wandering, there’s the possibility that a real threat can see you from far away and chase you to death. Just wait a couple minutes more, when is pitch black, and then claim the Isle for yourself.

Of course, aside obvious rules about preys there’s some specific things you need to know about some of your most vicious rivals.

Dilophosaurus’ Enemies

Since then, I have spent tons of dilos lives fighting anything that came across. And this is the result of my time playing em: Know your league, you play a separate The Isle from the apex and big herbs, just don’t. If you stick to this, there’s only 3 4 players that represent a threat for you:


1: Limping Juvenile Psittacosaurus

10: Ambushing Type H-Tyrannosaurus and you have a broken leg.


Carnos are the fastest carnivores, and at ambushing, the top speed of the entire game. At nighttime or in forest environment you have the upper hand, they accelerate so quick that most Carnos that goes after you will hit a tree or even break their legs due to small rocks or elevations, they have a very fragile ankle. They got a buff recently and their damage, health and bleed resist is no way better. Don’t engage adults in the open field, not even during the night. But like a forest dweller, you should have no problem avoiding them. Threat: 5/10


This is when things get dangerous. Utahs are faster than you, and also more agile. Their turning ratio is very good (even while running), they can jump, have decent damage, due to the ratio at which they can bite you. And also, if u hear a utah, the probability dictaminates that there’s at least 2 more around.
At daytime they can be a real issue, just avoid em.
Yet, at night time they are a very easy meal, and that is because most utahs players like to nest at the most isolated parts of the map and feast on IA all daylong. Its a shame, Im totally confident that The Isle is a game where utahs packs should be a total scourge, and not apex predators. Get the first one or two bites out of ambush, and then play ur style very carefully. Threat: 6/10


Very good maneuverability and damage, decent stamina. They got a speed nerf recently, so they cannot chase us anymore, yet, their HP pool and resist makes them a formidable enemy for its size. The problem with these kinds of enemies is that you can get the upper hand at ambush, but usually they can afford the initial damage, and then they will just crouch waiting for you to move, u baited and go for a bite, you are half your ambushing time now, and they go after you, it’s pretty much gg. I suggest don’t hunt an allo unless you are starving, is a highrisk game, and also remember that, just like carnos, allos players are usually pack hunters. Threat 7/10


Ceras are barely slower than a dilo, just 2 km/h of difference. They have a good amount of HP and damage for its size, and have a insane turning ratio. But what makes them a real threat? well, with its major buffs, alot of people are playing ceras now, and this is a problem, because they are excellent forest dwellers too. This last patch has insert this little bulky tank on our forest, and we are now at danger on our own safe place, so careful from now on, for you are not alone between the trees anymore. Threat 7/10

Advance Tactics

Here are some tactics that you can do when you feel more confident about your dilo performance:

  • Remember that night is your shroud, but it has an end, try to not be there by the time the sun starts to rise.
  • Time your travelling so you get to where you want to be at the start of the night, I usually do this when I know there is a herd or nest nearby. Stay at the forest until dusk, and reach them by night. Most of the time you wouldn’t be able to do much, just harass and have a fun time, if there are big predators nearby or if a hatch/juvie got careless you may feast well.

  • This image is an example of my gameplay. I have my favorite spot during day to rest, it has a thick forest near water source, and good IA spawn then at night, I go down to raid some lizards. On this image, the bluish zone represents the zone where you can go to lurk, and then comeback before the nights ends; and the red zone is the farthest distance you can travel while concealed. All at trot, no sprint accounts. I like to go slow and check every tree or bush, also, is stealthier. (The map was post at reddit for u/MajavaOuo).
  • Use oros/tacos as bait. Most players don’t go after tacos unless they see it, and that’s hard at night, so is much preferable if u eat tacos and use oros as bait. don’t get it wrong tho, you are gambling here, for a big apex can come after the oro or even worse. Anyhow, you can just stay a few meters from that little bud and watch if something dangerous or not get near, not big risk, and very profitable if you have luck.
  • Use your 1 call as lure. Your broadcasting call is kinda wierd, for is not threatening at all, and most people will get curious at it. When people just stares at your direction, get around and bite that scaly bastard, once you get the first stack or two, they are as good as dead.
  • Also your call number 2 can be very well mistaken for a broadcasting oro for some people, use this at your favor. You would be surprised if u knew how many people fall for this, get into a bush or open area, and broadcast every 20 seconds or so, just like oros. Don’t do it too often, or it will be too obvious. Ive been practicing alot, and I recommend to do, at most, 4 calls. Most people fall at the third of fourth call, if nobody come after is because they probably know is you.
  • “Oh, the oros got silent… somebody eated it…” how many times did you say or heard this sentence? Well, if you are too hungry, you can combine bait and lure tactics. Let the oros call 1 or 2 times more, if nobody came, eat it, then 2 call yourself 2 or 3 times more. Remember they are hunting, so be prepared, dont be surprised if crouching dinos shows up.
  • Dont stay near your kills, you have outstanding night vision, just get far away enough to see it, also you dont need to hide at night, for you can see any threat coming way before they are dangerous.

Use skin system at your favour. We had a very nice palette of colours for our fav dino. We used to have that bright red tone on us, not very favourable at day. But now, our survivality has increase a little due to this new game feature. My personal scheme is diablo 2/ dryo 4/ dryo 3/ dryo 2/ dryo 5.

  • By mistake or not, maybe you realized that dilos have a fair resistance to breaking its legs. Use this when chased, just don’t risk, and try to memorize how far can you fall without regretting your choice, also, rock collision has been improved, so a few dinos will have a rougher time chasing after you.

  • While I’m fighting this carno, I just go to the fall for protection, and I get a few ambushes from there, then go back up as soon as he start chasing me. I go down, and he cant risk to broke his ankles going after me.
    Remember that some dinos turn better when broke, so, dont take the bait, and just run if is something that you cant deal with. Oh, and thats why some good players fake broken legs with G, when fighting you, to turn better and try to snatch at you.
  • Ive seen this more often on sub or juv rexes, because their turn ratio is really not that good, so you can outmaneuver em quite easy. They will try to:
    A- Stop when chased, so you just run through em and get directly into their hit box.
    B- Fake broke leg, to turn better. This is no problem, just run to the side they are not turning (you always engage at ambush speed, so this is no problem). Pay attention to their legs, for when it get lifts.
    C- Disengage from the battle, get distance and try to charge at you again. This is the best they can do for you, they let you vanish again into the darkness for free. Just haunt em for the rest of the night.

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