The Isle – Creating Skin Guide


First of all, you’ll have to go into a game and choose an option so for example, your in the Carnivore section. Then, choose “Dilophosaurus Adult” or any age group.

Keeping It Cool

So you have arrived at the skin creator. Now you have to find a way to make a skin. Honestly If I were you try not to make the colour scheme of your skin Basically the same colour but in different shades or its gonna look like this.

You might think that looks cool but hey that’s your opinion. Anyways I would recommend you mix it up a little. Like a red Crest or just take inspiration from other Dinosaurs Default Skins in General! Like, look at this!

This Dilophosaurus is almost entirely based off of the Gigantosaurus Default Skin. And yes, you made this.

Making A Skin

So the first box you’ll see is a detail colour-er. So if you pick a blue boom a blue crest. The second box you see will be like a Color-er for the underside of the Dinosaur. The Third one I think is like the feet area. The fourth one I think is just the main colour. And the fifth one is like a Mix between the Detail box and the main colour box.


Honestly, this guide makes it seem hard but really it is easy. I figured it out in like 2 minutes.

Also, the detail section only works on male dinosaurs. You can still change it for female dinosaurs but likely it won’t appear.

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